Saturday, July 3, 2010

Inspiration and an update

I have seen this book advertised at many heirloom retailers online. Our baby does NOT need anymore clothes, but I may have to relent. Something about this just speaks to me. I love shadow work, I love white on babies and I love sunsuits on babies. I am having a very hard time resisting. Very hard.

Thank you to so many faithful readers for my friend Jan of Bessie Mary. I know she appreciates them as do I. She is home from the hospital and beginning the healing process. So far the results are promising. Final verdict is not in. Thank you again.

Back to baby watch.


  1. Oh, Martha, i think you are going to have to get that book! Besides, you have a bit more time than you thought you did yesterday! :-)

  2. I haven't seen that yet! It's calling me too but I don't even have the excuse of having a baby to sew for! I've been trying my hand at shadow work lately and been posting some examples on my blog. No where near your quality yet but this book sure looks fun. You haven't made a sunhat yet either, have you? Yep, I'm pretty sure you need this book. :)

  3. Martha, I know you need that book because we all need you to keep giving us inspiration. LOL
    Thanks for the update on your friend, Jan. I've been wondering about her. She seems to be a really special person.

  4. You need to make it for next summer. :-) It's precious and NEEDS to be made! LOL


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