Monday, July 5, 2010

I may have to have this

Is this just not so stinkin' cute? I am always amazed at those that can take a concept and stylize it. I would have been trying to include every knob on the front, add a cord, add, add, add. You get the picture. I would then had a mess on my hands. But this artist has taken a simple shape with small, simple embellishments and conveyed the concept. And it is CUTE! I love cute.

I have the two slips almost finished for my two Old Fashioned Baby Gowns. Seen here and here. Then I was going to wait on the christening gown since they baptism isn't until October but I may start noodling with it in hopes that it will spur a little lady to make her appearance.


  1. You know as well as I do that a certain little lady is best kept where she is as long as Mom is doing okay. Better for her to be there than to spend a few days in the NICU ... :) But start on that gown!

  2. Hi, Martha. This is so cute! Can't figure out how to buy one tho. Looked at the flicker account, but it looks as tho the person is merely showing a picture. Confusing!
    Did you get to see the Rockies/Cardinals game last night? It was a great game! :)

  3. Sorry - I found the Etsy store, but no sewing machine pincushion. Maybe it will be added soon.

  4. is it a pin cushion?
    oh it is sweet!


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