Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where have I been?

I feel like I have neglected you, faithful reader. I feel like I have neglected me too! I have only picked up a needle to move it in the past week and I am starting to get a bit cranky about it. I did spend an afternoon showing my daughter how to make piping and do buttonholes. But that has been it. So what have I been doing?

Well I have been gathering bids for this

and this.

Enticing pictures like this are what suck you in. (This is NOT, so NOT, my house!) Because like childbirth, there is a lot they don't tell you or remind you of when you embark on this endeavor. And that is you are going to have to clean out your closets and generally wreak havoc in your house! I don't clean out closets, I move. See there is an upside to being married to a military guy all those years, you move just about the time your closets and basement need a good overhaul. We have been in this house ten and half years. I have NEVER lived in one house this long. Never.

The closets and basement have taken on a life of their own. It is horrendous. And the thought of cleaning them out is just overwhelming to me.

But today is what my best friend used to call a pajama day. Don't call and ask me to lunch, I will have to quickly come up with a plausible excuse as to why I can't go. I have scurvy,   vampire syndrome, jumping man disease. Anything. I am not getting dressed or leaving my house. I don't know if I will get a chance to stitch, but if you aren't home, you never get a chance. Wish me luck.

I leave you with a happy. How can Bobby McFerrin and Yo-Yo Ma not make you smile? Enjoy!


  1. "jumping man disease"???? LOL I know exactly how you feel, Martha.

    I'm slowing getting back into the swing of things myself. I hate it when life gets too busy & hectic!

    Enjoy your PJ day!

  2. I wholeheartedly endorse pajama days! They are good for the soul :) Good luck with the floor--it will be worth the trouble!

  3. OK. You convinced me. It's better to move than install new flooring. I will use that excuse on my husband, since I am the one that really wants to move!
    Good luck with the decisions, cleaning and sorting. May your reward be shiny new floors and some blissful moments of stitching!

  4. Ohhh, I can soooo relate! Our oak floors need sanding and refinishing. We just had our master bath remodeled with tile floor and a tile walk-in shower. Next we have to completely remodel our bedroom, which means draining our king size waterbed in order to get new carpet - ugh!

  5. Yep, been in this house 11 years and the closets and clutter are making me cranky. I am on a mission to dejunk.....wish me luck!
    I have missed you.........

  6. Oh Martha, you are so right about the closet cleaning, I never had clutter when we were in the Air Force. We need new carpet, new frontroom furniture and new kitchen counters and DH keeps asking when we are going to get around to it, by "we" he actually means me.


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