Monday, May 31, 2010

A Day to Remember

Today, Memorial Day, is not just about fallen soldiers of wars gone by;

elderly gentleman saluting the colors, bedecked in medals worn proudly;

nor small flags snapping in the breeze around many neighborhoods.

Its not about majestic monuments 

and it is certainly not about politicians stumping at picnics and nursing homes.

It is about heroes. It is about not only those lost, but those left behind. I don't know who this young woman is or if she is aware that her photo is all over the internet. I do know, she is a hero. Not only did her young soldier pay the price for our freedom, so did she. Take a moment to remember her as well and give a prayer of thanks. A prayer of thanks for all the freedoms we enjoy and for those who bought those freedoms. None of them came without a price to be paid.


  1. The picture is of a girl who spent the night on her boyfriends grave on the anniversary of his death many years ago. He died in Iraq. I'm sorry I don't remember her name but I do remember when the picture was taken.

    And you're right. It's so hard on the loved ones. I know parents who became a gold star family in 2004. It doesn't get any easier.. everyday is Memorial Day for them.
    RIP Alex!

  2. Martha-I often think about the wives and mothers who sent their loved ones off to war--in time with no email or quick communication. We do indeed owe the families a debt of gratitude. Lovely post--pictures and thoughts!

  3. Prayers for all our service people, and the families. They need us so much

    They are the ones that are left behind are the ones that have to face the pain daily. Prayers to all for a safe Memorial Day.

  4. Thank you for this picture - I hadn't seen it.
    I thank all of those that have made the ultimate sacrifice as well as their loved ones left behind, and also the ones that are serving to keep our country safe.
    Thank you.


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