Monday, May 24, 2010

Pretty stitches

Heart sampler 
Originally uploaded by pinkishcoco

No I have not gotten lost. First no internet, then no air conditioning. Today, a baby momma that feels kind of puny. In other words, life.

Since having internet back this morning seemed liked having a new toy, I browsed through Flickr and found this beauty. Isn't it pretty? Just a something sweet in one of my favorite color combos, pink and green. Love it.

Hope life is treating you well in your corner of the world.

Will you be watching tomorrow night? This guy gets my vote!


  1. I love that.. but I am wanting to vote for the girl. She reminds me of a friend here in June.

  2. That is an amazing pic, such fine detail.

    Oh mercy, if its as hot there as it is here... I so feel for you. I was on the patio watering the plants and came in soaked. Sure hope your air is on soon and you are feeling better.

    Yep, he has my vote.

  3. Like Robin, I'm voting for the girl.
    It's the Victoria Day Holiday weekend here in the Great White North (May 2-4 we call it)and it's hot, hot, hot! Instead of AC, we're going to jump in the lake. Life couldn't be better in this corner of the world.
    Hope you're enjoying your corner too!

  4. Gorgeous embroidery!!!
    He gets my vote, too, but I like Crystal, also. So, I won't be upset either way.


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