Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ecru Bishop

I am going to apologize right off the bat, my photo taking mojo is not working at all today. Bad lighting, gray day. But all that aside, I finished up the flying bishop yesterday.  All in all it turned out okay. Not fancy, not special occasion but pretty. I am so glad I figured out how to pipe the neckline of a bishop. I really like that look. The cording I used is tee-tiny.

I rarely smock the sleeves but I did this time because I wanted the ecru lace. I usually finish them with a bias binding so I decided to step out this time. I had bought this as a kit. I replaced the white lace that came on it for ecru lace.

I also replaced the white buttons for antique mother of pearl buttons. The buttons didn't look ecru until I put them alongside the ecru smocking. So perfect. I wasn't going to add a snap at the neck but I may now that I see it gapping a bit in this picture.

I had a heck of a time getting decent pictures today. Still not totally happy with them. Could it be I was distracted

by this guy? Looks cute, doesn't he? NOT! He would never mow down those two weeds right in front of him, no siree bob! He will mow down mucho bucks worth of bedding plants though.

Here is his friend/sibling. They know I am not a fan, see that side eye look I am getting? Must be a teenager. Next on the agenda, a couple of quick gifts and then all of these dresses need slips. I have four slips to make. Then onto the gown I think.


  1. Beautiful bishop, Martha! :)

  2. Beautiful, Martha! I can't remember if I've ever piped a bishop with the binding -- must do that! I love the effect.

  3. I love it... I think you have inspired me to get busy sewing again.
    Did I read that correctly? You are expecting a grandbaby? I must get back to HS&S again.

  4. Love the bishop. But I really have not met too many bishops I did not like. The rabbits are sweet...

  5. So sweet! I love the piped neck binding too. Some of us need to know how to do it! And your back is just as pretty as the front. Could you explain how you end your row of smocking so nicely at the edge of the placket? Mine always looks messy.

  6. Your fingers are like greased lightening, you sure put this one together fast! OH what a beauty she is, exceptional work with the piping too.. I adore white and ecru, the buttons on the back compliment the stitching.

    What do you expect from Mr. Bunny, have you ever tasted grass... bitter.. The flowers are oh so sweet and tickle the taste buds.

    We have a few but they wont come on the concrete patio where I have all my flowers and plants in pots. They just sit off at a distance and drool.

  7. You sure have a lot lined up in the project agenda. Your flying bishop is gorgeous as usual. Beautiful job with the tiny binding. I love binding just about anything too.

  8. This turned out so pretty, Martha and I think it definitely could be a special occasion one as well. It is elegant with the ecru smocking and lace. I am glad to know that you rarely smock bishop sleeves. I usually bind mine too. I don't really know why. It turned out really pretty. I can't believe all that you are getting done!

  9. The bishop is beautiful. I love the soft colors.

  10. Beautiful! Just beautiful! I love the the ecru on the white. That is one of my favorite smocking plates from AS&E. I have made it several times and love how it turns out in different floss colors. I often smock the sleeves. I love the lacey look it gives!


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