Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Smocked Inspiration

First posted by MaisonDBC

I can almost taste the cherry popsicle and see the cherry red smile. Adorable and perfect for summertime. I have this fabric in another color way. Something like this could make it to the que for summer. We will see. 

Were you watching? I was. I was very happy with the result. I sure hope the "former paint salesman" moniker can be dropped now. Poor guy, he is more than a paint salesman.

That aside, this was the best moment of the night. The best, hands down. (Click on the pic to watch on YouTube.)


  1. Oh, I wish I could sit and watch you smock. Your hand must move faster than the speed limit. What a darling creation, I can almost see a little drip from the popcycle dripping onto the dress. PERFECTION...

    I watched and was happy for Lee, he was so happy. His comment made me cry when he said he had never felt happiness before. God LOVE HIM!.

  2. I love your little dress. I wish Crystal had one because she is just so amazingly gifted but I am sure her career will be fabulous too.
    And I agree about the Casey/Brett duet. I think it would have been so cool for Brett and Crystal to have sung together though. You know, kind of slapping Type 1 diabetes in the face, since they are both strong survivors of the disease like my India. It made me cry to see Brett looking so healthy after his recent health issues.

  3. This little dress you've posted to show us some inspiration is doing just that! I would gladly pay the $69 they are asking for it! The colors they chose are just perfect with that fabric. I sure you DO make one this summer, Martha. If my picture smocking skills were a wee bit better, I might even try it. It doesn't look to be too complicated. I PS Challenged, ya' know. LOL

    Thanks for showing it to us with the link as to where we could buy it.

  4. I just love your smocking! So wonderful. I don't think my sons would appreciate it, though. Any ideas on how to use smocking for boys? Or is there an age cut off for wearing smocking? :)

    By the way, you won an award. Drop by to check it out!

  5. Love the smocking. Can we see the whole dress?

  6. I'm in the mood for a pop cycle now!!!! Yummy dress!
    I am in 100% agreement with you about AI!

  7. Cute and fun dress! Thanks for the inspiration Martha!


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