Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spectacular Goldwork and Silk

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Is this not magnificent? I am not usually a fan of goldwork, but the combination of the gold with the silk shading. Plus the way she couched down the outline gold with silk. It is just spectacular. This is stitched by Mary Corbett of Needle n' Thread. She does such gorgeous embroidery.

Update on the thumb/hand. I think things are finally beginning to heal. As you offer your prayers of thanksgiving this Easter, include opposable thumbs in your prayers. If you don't believe me, try taking your bra off tonight without a thumb to use!! It is quite the endeavor. I have lots of sewing to do but I am thankful this didn't happen the year I was trying to get three matching collars done the week before Easter.

I battled a bad case of strep that Easter and that was bad enough; at least I had all of my digits to work with. This is a snippet of the last Easter dress I probably made for my oldest daughter that year. She was nine. Her two younger sisters also wore it in the years to follow. Note the leavings of a chocolate bunny still evident 22 years later. The smocking is not the world's best and I cringe at all of those flopped over pleats at the neckline but I was proud and they all looked adorable. That was a special Easter for our family, it was the Easter her dad was received into the Catholic Church. I can't believe it has been so long. 

Easter Blessings to You


  1. Resident proofreader here: I think yo meant "the Easter bunny was here".

    Glad to hear your hand is better.

  2. And of course I have a typo.
    Never seems to fail.

  3. And I had already fixed it. so there.

  4. "So there." Perfect.
    Ben and I have been full of "martha-isms" this week. He called me a goober earlier. And yesterday he let out a "whew boy".

  5. While I have not been around your mother as long, I have a list of Martha-isms myself. :)

  6. The collar is lovely with those pretty blues and pinks. I know you just loved looking at your three girls in their special 'Mommy-mades'. Special Memories! Glad your thumb is healing nicely. Happy Easter!

  7. Thanks so much for mentioning my goldwork project, and your very kind compliments! (I blush....!)

    I LOVE the collar!!!!!!!!


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