Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A little something

I don't have any sewing to show for this week yet. I am done unpacking boxes, and attending wakes and funerals though. I even snuck in a nap. In other words, I am beginning to feel human again. My daughter is amazing. She is almost 6 months pregnant and has the house almost completely together. It is 99% unpacked for sure. In less than three days. Wonderwoman!! I would still be thinking about it. Or thinking about thinking about it.

As you may remember I helped put on our chapter workshop this past weekend. I have already professed my love affair with favors. So to entertain you, I will share a peek or two at those.

The first day was a cute scissor fob with a silver dress form. These were in a variety of colors. Aren't they pretty?

For a treat on the second day, was a group of flowers for your pincushion. I call it pincushion jewelry. It has no purpose other than to make you smile. They were tough to get a picture of.


  1. Martha, these little favors are so sweet! And they have fulfilled their purpose - they made me smile! Thanks!

  2. these are really great favors. Your daughter sounds amazing!

  3. Hi! I'm new to your blog...just became your newest folower!

    come by and see me too sometime....

    I'll be sure to leave my 'screen' door open to both my blogs!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina was here!

  4. Martha, it must be the nesting that is keeping her busy, busy. I am looking at all these boxes I am packing and thinking I will never get them undone. I can't stand things out of order, so we will see if I can be as good as your dd! I love the favors. I want to come to your chapter workshop!!

  5. Oh those favors are lovely. I am so glad your daughter is helping you unpack. What a sweet girl you have raised.

  6. Such sweet favors! Glad you were able to sneak that nap into the busy schedule!

  7. I REALLY love the idea of Pincushion jewelry! Thought of you today. It seems like with out meaning for it to be this way, most of the flowers in my garden are PINK! Martha's fav color of the moment!

  8. Hi again Martha. I tried to respond to your email and your spam blocker would not let me through. Can you add my email, .
    Thank you.

    Sivje (aka Sivjegoose, aka Goosegirl)

  9. Those key fobs and flower pins are too pretty! They look like some things I might just 'have to have'! Thanks for making me smile tonight!

  10. Hi Martha,
    Just popped in to see how your hand was healing & how you are doing as a *grandmother-in-waiting*. :) It won't be long now!

    I've had your blog in my google reader since the beginning but just now realized that I wasn't a "follower"...I am now.
    I wanted you to know how much your tutorial on the gathered French seam helped me to understand & see how it could be done. My heirloom teacher told me it wasn't possible to do it in my Christening dress she helped me make. :( *sigh* Wish I'd been taking lessons from you instead.

    Anyway, hope you're healing well & will soon be able to complete all the lovely hand work that you do. I watch over your shoulder with pure envy & amazement & I laugh frequently at your wonderful humor. Thanks for both the lessons & the laughter.

  11. Your photos came out wonderfully, as did the favors themselves. These are the perfect favors, they can be used and admired to keep the memory of the event fresh.


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