Friday, April 2, 2010

Oh be still my heart, Turkey Work!

Of course he never does use the term "turkey work," but it is the stitch he is working.

And for some additional eye candy. Visit the Royal School of Needlework website and see a tour of their embroideresses and their studio. Notice the gal stitching the needlepoint at the speed of light! Imagine what you could get done if you were able to stitch that quickly.

Royal School of Needlework Studio


  1. You love that turkey work! I like his term of "plush work"!
    What a great piece on the RSN! I had no idea that they did so many repairs for the public. Did you also notice that there was no magnification? I think only one even wore glasses! Since I needlepoint for pleasure and not money, I think I will continue to stitch at a more leisurely pace! Hope the thumb is feeling better!

  2. Wow, amazing. Did you watch part one and see the Tudor wall, absolutely fabulous


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