Saturday, June 9, 2012

I'm home

I am home from my far afield trip to the Middle East. I can't even believe I can say that. Amazing.

Israel is a beautiful country with so many places to see. The contrasts across the country are remarkable. But we all know that is not the reason I went...


It was to get my hands on these two sweeties and their momma. I got in as much cuddling, kisses and giggles as I could squeeze into a two week time period.

I did stitch a bit while I was gone and I will share that in the next few days. For a parting shot here they are wearing the Baby Playsuits I finished right before I left. We are headed to the park on this day.

So, hello again faithful reader. I will try to condense my trip into a few posts over the next week or so. I hope the bright, warm days of summer are treating you well. It is good to be home.


  1. Those babies are sooooo huggable. I would have done the same. They look so sweet in their outfits!

  2. I just wanted to tell you I enjoyed seeing all the pictures of your trip. I don't think this is a trip I will make on my own.

    What fun seeing the kids in their outfits and knowing you were able to get your hugs in too.

  3. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your trip!

  4. Ooo, they are darling! Well worth crossing the ocean to see and hug!

    Welcome back! You have been sorely missed.

  5. Welcome back! I can't wait to see what you're sewing now! Those little ones are just darling. So when will you visit again?

  6. Those babies are so cute in their outfits! What will be your next project you have to show your blogging friends? You make some really cute things! Happy Stitching!!

  7. Love the pics. What is the pattern for the green and pink bubble?

    1. Nicole, the bubble is purchased but there are many patterns available to replicate it.


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