Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beach Portraits

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The Munchkins' mom wants to do beach portraits while her sister, photog extraordinaire, is visiting this week. So another break neck project before I boarded the plane was to whip up some "portrait whites."

I used Spechler-Vogel Skip Dent, a tonal stripe poly-cotton. This momma needs a break so easy care fabric was in order. I bought it from Bessie Mary a while back. Since I had no time to ponder and plan, I grabbed two patterns that I had done before, were traced out and familiar. I had them constructed before I left except for buttons and stitching on the trim.

Old Fashioned Baby

First up was Best Embroidered Baby Clothes by The Old Fashioned Baby.


It stitches up quick. I used a machine embroidered train across the front,

I tea dyed some crochet trim in my stash for the sleeves and neck. The machine embroidery matches the trim much closer in person than it appears in this picture.


Baby H let me try it on him real quick. Easy, breezy for summer.

The Old Fashioned Baby

The second was another pattern by The Old Fashioned Baby. It is one of her new patterns Toddler Summer Dresses. Another quick and cool choice. I made this dress last summer at Jeannie's Summer retreat. I am sad I won't be able to attend this year but wedding planning trumps that. It is this weekend when the bride will be home. :( Oh well, can't do everything at once.


Again a quick machine embroidery on the bodice and some ancient Swiss trim across the bottom.


There was no ecru 1/8" ribbon to be found in St. Louis the day before I left, so white it was, threaded through the Swiss beading at the raised waistline.


This fabric in white (It used to come in colors.) was a bit sheer for my liking, so after I got home I ran up a slip using the same pattern with a tad taken out of the armholes and neckline. Nothing fancy here, Imperial batiste with some lace edging. I did run a very loose 1/8" elastic through the waist. I hope it works.


Princess was in "a mood" that day. This was the best picture I could get.

So what are you working on?


  1. Love both outfits. Isn't it great to have machine embroidery!

  2. I love them both Martha!! They are adorable. I got Jeannie's pattern too but haven't tried it yet. I can't wait to though. I wish my machine did embroidery.


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