Thursday, June 28, 2012

Getting ready for a Birthday

As I mentioned last week, someone is getting ready to have a birthday. This time, two summers ago, we were on daily baby watch with Mom on modified bed rest. How quickly the time flies. There are probably days Mom wishes she was on bed rest! I didn't do a special occasion dress for this year's birthday but did do this cute breezy summer dress.

I used a poly/cotton blend by Nashville Cotton that was in the stash for both the main and contrast fabric. It is lined with Imperial broadcloth.

Frannie by Children's Corner

The pattern I used was Frannie by Children's Corner. I have made Frannie Baby in the past but never the big girl Frannie.

The back has a simple one button placket. I interfaced the section to be slit down the back. It gives that placket a bit of stability without any stiffness.

I opted to put elastic in the underarm as opposed to the ribbon ties. Toddlers sometimes have trouble keeping things tied.


I actually refrained from piping the armholes (you know that is hard for me) but I had to pipe the collar.


The cute cupcake applique is from G G Designs. It stitched out great. I did back the area to be embroidered with German interfacing and used a technique I saw on Pinterest to back the applique fabrics with HeatnBond Lite. After the embroidery was complete, I re-ironed the embroidery to loosen and cut away the excess interfacing.

The panties are made using Mary from B&B Blueprints. The have a generous fit which is still needed over a diaper.

I am off to pack up her birthday box so it will arrive in time for her big day two weeks from now.


  1. Very cute! Could you elaborate a bit on the applique technique you saw on Pinterest? It sounds like you fuse the Heat and Bond Lite on the fabric to be used in the applique, but do you cut the shape out? Or are you using the Heat and Bond Lite to tack the fabric down before sewing?

    After a long day at work I'm just not following this idea, but am interested in anything that would make doing this easier.


    1. Here is the link Laurie,

  2. Love the changes & additions that you made. Interfacing can make such a difference and it doesn't have to mean stiffness.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  3. Thanks Martha! It's clear to me now!

  4. Very cute, and stitched perfectly. Can I ask you what kind of machine you use for your appliqué ?is it an embroidery machine? It looks so perfect.

  5. So cute! Can't believe that sweet girl is almost two!

  6. So cute! Can't believe that sweet girl is almost two!

  7. So sweet. Second birthday here comes in August. Wish I had time to make something similar.

  8. Martha, do you mind sharing WHY you decided not to pipe the armholes?

    1. Jenny Jo, I didn't really have a specific reason more than I was in a time crunch. I love piping and can hardly resist using it in as many place as possible. This time I was in a hurry.


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