Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Feeling Crabby?


I am short on time, very short! Before I board the plane in the morning, I wanted to share this cute brother/sister pair Mommy had cut out before she left. I had a hecka time deciding on what to embroider on the bodice fronts. I finally settled on this friendly little crab design.

I used Creations by Michie's Baby Playsuit. I have used this pattern both here and here. I have never seen it on the recipient, so it will be fun to see that. Nor had I ever made the little girl version so this was a first. But oh so fast. Unless you sew the size 6 month waistband to the size 24 month skirt and vice versa. Agghh.

The fabric is grey gingham from Bessiemary. The trim is whipstitch piping from Farmhouse Fabrics. I bought a couple of grab bags of this trim years ago from Farmhouse. I haven't come close to using it all up, and I use it a lot. It is great for when I don't have a piping to match or the time to make piping.

And the piping looks sweet with the pop of the red buttons on the back. I swear I ironed these outfits but it sure doesn't look like it. Oh well they will need ironing for sure after I get them out of the suitcase.

I am outta here tomorrow. Blue skies, warm sand and some sweet, sweet hugs await me on the other side.


  1. Love the outfits! Have a wonderful trip and enjoy those sweet babies!

  2. Love the outfits! Have a wonderful trip and enjoy those sweet babies!

  3. Safe travels...enjoy the hugs and snuggles...cute outfits!!

  4. Sew sew cute! You have fun with those babies!

  5. Double cute !!! Safe travels.

  6. Have a wonderful trip, Martha! We'll be here when you get back.

  7. Cute outfits!!! Enjoy those sweet hugs!

  8. Che bellissimi lavori, tanti complimenti!!!!!!!


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