Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pretty Ponies

I have finally made my way back to the sewing machine. Handwork is still a tiring process but I have been able to finish some things. I have spoken of our "village" before that lovingly sews and smocks for our babies. This is a leftover from last summer that never made it to the machine. The smocked piece sat on my cutting table all winter waiting for me to get to it. The plate is "Merry Go Round" from Terry Jane Collins. I bought this plate when my youngest daughter was a baby. She is almost 27 if that tells you anything about aging in your stash. The polka dot pique has been in the closet for a few years as well. Now that I think of it, the only thing I bought for this project was 2 skeins of floss and snaps. 

The pattern is an out of print Children's Corner pattern called "Chrissy." I will admit that the pattern is not my favorite. I love the concept, there are some ready to wear things out there based on the same concept. I was not a fan of how the "skirt" attaches to the bishop style collar. It is top stitched on. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Children's Corner patterns, this is the first time I have encountered an issue with any of them in almost 30 years. I forged on because I wasn't going to waste this precious smocking done by my friend Rachel. The panties are Frannie Baby also by Children's Corner. Sadly this will probably be the last of these I can do, she has almost outgrown this size.A lot of stitchers don't like the wide crotch in the Franny Baby bloomers, I love them because they are perfect over "fluffy butts" aka cloth diapers.

This will be packed into my suitcase to make the trip over the pond soon. Mimi needs to get her hands on those babies. I think Mommy is mistreating her. J/K but this is the picture I got in an email this morning.

Look at that pitiful face. It seems Car-Car, the dog, stole her cheese. What is the world coming to when a girl can't even enjoy an afternoon snack of string cheese?

I have a brother/sister combo finished except for buttons. I will post that soon.


  1. Rachel's PS is always so perfect. Love the outfit even if it wasn't the best pattern. That face is indeed pitiful LOL

  2. Love the finished outfit. Does the Chrissy attach in the similar way as the Mindy? I know the Mindy has the smocking in the skirt, rather than the yoke. I don't think that I have done the Chrissy, but should give it a try.

  3. I love this! What a perfect summer breeze!

  4. Well I love the little outfit but that little face is just precious!! She stole the show (I mean, your blog)!!!

  5. The village does it again! Rachel's smocking is perfect, and you did a great job -- even with a sore shoulder and pattern frustrations. I know you cannot wait to hold those babies again!

  6. I've seen this bishop neckline on commercial dresses, with no sleeves. Since I don't have this pattern, I have a question. Is this an insert, or do you cut out front, back, and sleeves to make this? I think it's really cute.

    1. Aunt Honey, this pattern has you do something similar to an insert. Then the "skirts" of the top are top stitched along the lower edge of the fanned out insert.

  7. I showed the pic of EM to DD Laura the Vet Tech. She said dogs love kids they are a great source if food LOL

  8. My little girl has several dresses like this and LOVES them! Any idea where I can find this pattern?


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