Monday, October 25, 2010

You like me! You really like me!

Sally Field's memorable Oscar acceptance speech, 1985

or you people are gluttons for punishment!

100,000 hits. Who would have thought.

Thank you faithful readers for your loyalty, comments and questions. Thank you even to the few who email me wanting to give me a piece of your mind. I can use all the pieces I can get, mine has left the building.

I continue to learn from so many of you. To be inspired and to feel graced. Two and half years ago, I started this as a lark. It has become something I look forward to. I love sharing my passion. My goal is to share that passion to create in hopes that you will share it with those you encounter.

And the searches that lead some readers here. Not to joke at someone's expense, but frankly some of them are hysterical. Some of them came about from spelling errors I miss; others I have no idea. One of the latest was "whipping friends and family." How that got someone to my corner of the world, I can't fathom. The search, "back dimple piercing," remains one of my favorites.

I hope you have been inspired to create in your own life or learned from my mistakes. Whatever brings you here, I hope it has brightened your life.

Keep stitching, or as my husband has been quoted, "Smock on!"


  1. You are very welcome my dear! And I often giggle about what searches bring people to my blog. Many of them involve boning and that really makes me laugh. And searches for "dangers of smocking" are pretty common too. So funny!
    Happy Monday Martha. Have a lovely lovely day.

  2. Oh, we do like you my friend!!!! And all your beautiful creations!!


  3. I love your blog! True confession, when I am having a bad night at work, I look at it with a cup of coffee and between you and Jeannie B. it all gets better:)

  4. You deserve every one of those visits, Martha...even the unintended ones! LOL

    "Smock on!" is a wonderful motto & if I may, I'll be quoting your DH many, many times in the future.

  5. Yay! 100,000 hits! I never miss one of your posts. You crack me up and inspire me. Keep on, Martha! We love you!

  6. I love your blog and will keep on hitting on it!

  7. Congrats on the 100,000 hits. You deserve every one of them. You are so talented and creative and I am so proud of you. And when you wrote that JD said "Smock On" I swear I could hear him saying it in my head. Love you.


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