Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sweet Bunnies on a Blanket

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Isn't she adorable? This was a well loved child's blanket that was saved with wool embroidery. This bunny and her siblings dance along in strategically placed areas to give new life to a well worn "lovie". So adorable.

I finished the feather stitching along the bottom of the gown. I was going to do more and decided, enough. I am done with this.

I also added a small lily of the valley motif to the bodice. I also "fixed" the area at the top of the bodice where the feather stitching lies between the areas of smocking. It wouldn't behave as I wanted it to, so I beat it into submission by making two hand stitched tucks behind there. Now it lays where I want it to. I declare this project done! The gown now awaits some siblings in years to come.

I have actually entered the sewing room today. Working on some quick things. He's kind of cute isn't he?

Next up, a fall bishop for our baby girl. Mommy thinks she needs some green in her life. I plan to smock it with a mix of pumpkins and leaves. Should be cute.


  1. I absolutely love the gown, it will be a treasure for many years to come. Have fun stitching the bishop, it will be very cute.

  2. Outstanding workWOMANship, Martha!!! You know, "L" is the letter for both my first & last name & this one is just EXQUISITE!!! I ♥ the entire gown.

    I posted a few sewing projects too. Still working on the Ariel Halloween costume...gauzy-crinkley-rubbery fabrics...SEW not fun!


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