Monday, October 18, 2010

Danger, Will Rogers! Danger!

That is what someone should have said before I opened this cabinet! You see it is kind of like wiping that spot on the window over the kitchen sink. You wipe that spot and the next thing you know, you have taken down every curtain in the house and washed ALL of the windows! That is why you can't see out of my kitchen window, I learned that lesson. But, I had forgotten the lesson about looking through "just a couple of issues" for that smocking plate you vaguely remember.

Because when you browse those few issues, it turns into dozens of issues. Dozens of the beloved Creative Needle, I still miss them. ::sniff:: You then are enticed by all of the gorgeous projects you had forgotten about. The ideas begin to swirl in your head, you can't sleep at night for planning all of them. Then comes the next morning when you realize you won't live long enough to accomplish all that you want; so you narrow the wish list down to what you hope is a manageable few.  That is what what this pile is here. Just a few.

First up is finishing this fall bishop. And finish hemming a precious bishop that a dear friend made for our baby. I am so blessed to have wonderful people in my life who take up the slack when I have way more planned than I could ever accomplish.

So stitcher beware! Be careful when you pull out "just a few issues" to look for something. It will snowball on you.

Sometimes Mommy does put her in just a t-shirt.


  1. How well I know...the night panic is what does me in!! And along with my sewing embroidery [cross stitch/hardanger etc] include my mom's stash/dreams. My all the piles sit around the room/my chair/the spare room...and they get rearranged when looking for that 'something' sigh. And Eva is too cute in her t-shirt...aren't we luck grands??

  2. Cute, cute bishops in the making. :) When I start pulling out mags I want to make EVERYTHING! :)
    Evamarie is adorable! :)

  3. Eva Marie just steals the show in her tee shirt!

  4. You just described a situation with which way too many of us are familiar! Sweet bishops and even sweeter baby -- even in a t-shirt!

  5. This is the adult version of night terrors for people who sew. I will admit to daydreamng during my coffee break at work about what I want to sew. I brought my Wee Care patterns to work the other night to make copies and my mind was spinning!

  6. At least you have someone to make those pretty things to wear. I look at the issues and want to make them all and have no one. :( Love that bishop you are making.

  7. I do that all the time but I don't have a beautiful muse like you do. I'm envious of your picture smocking talents, cute Autumn bishop.

  8. I know exactly what you're talking about, Martha, when you speak of not living long enough to finish all that you want to do. Most people's *Bucket List* has exotic places on it to visit....mine has sewing UFO's to be completed! LOL

    Lovin' all these cute shots of EM! Such a sweetie!


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