Monday, September 6, 2010

Where's Waldo?

Who is Waldo anyway? Looking for me? This is where you will find me. Now I KNOW this baby has been expected for months, I KNEW she would be needing a gown and the christening is October 3. I COULD have started this gown back in March, but...... I don't operate that way. Just isn't in me. I no longer fight it. I no longer beat myself up over it. No one will get a lick out of me in the next 4 weeks (except for a week of SAGA convention thrown in there.) because I will be right here stitching away.

Here is just a tiny peek. I told our Baby Mommy she wasn't going to see big pictures of work in progress because I want it to have some element of surprise to it. She chose the designs she wanted in the embroidery and the base gown she wanted to use. I was even instructed NO color! Shoot, she even quoted scripture about that whole business of being clothed in a white garment etc. So I will only give you tiny peeks in the coming weeks.

But here is a bigger peek at our princess. She is wearing Old Fashioned Baby's Priscilla's Layette gown shown here. She weighs almost 12# and the gown still fits wonderfully and will for a few more weeks.  She is laying in the floor of Mimi's sewing room while Mommy sews for her. She looks quite happy about it. How cool is that Boppy thing she is laying on? Why didn't they have those when I was having babies? She thinks she is sitting up. Fooled her!

Tomorrow I will finally post pictures of my sewing room.


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  1. Nothing like a deadline to concentrate one's mind! I love those Boppy things, my daughter had one and I made a cover for it. I had already made two christening gowns before my granddaughter was born, and now she's 2 years old and outgrown them - I don't know what they will do about baptizing her. My little heathen. :)

  2. Martha...I am there with you...only our Baptism is in 6 Sunday. No gown...but doing a white heirloom romper...prototype is done...but I want more here too will you find me the next three days...sewing ...front is done...ready t cut...geez...Your little gal is so sweet in Mimi mades...haven't seen dgs in my one and only outfit...daughter in law had it on him today o come to dinner...he 'spit' all over it...too much to spot off...oh well. next time...we hope.

  3. Oh I am so glad to hear you say that! My mother was on pins and needles when I made both of my girls' First Communion dresses. My birthday gift the year my youngest made hers was a cleaning lady and window washers to get ready for the party (she probably thought that I would not get the house and dress both ready in time:)

  4. ya giving me heart failure!!!!!!!!!

  5. I know now why I love you so.. and why we are perfect roomies... as I sit and work on armbands (oh so heirloom) that have to be done by Friday MOrning. Not to mention 75 bonnets that are in various stages around the room that have to be done by the 18th. You will get it done! REmember Abbie will have a machine..

  6. Your new sewing room is wonderful and so spacious! Enjoy it!


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