Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SAGA Convention- A Rogue Reporter

Okay here goes. I will try my best to give you an early report for the SAGA 2010 Convention. "Tidewater Treasures." This is on the fly and in my phone. I won't be able to upload pictures until I return home. Also excuse the more than usual grammatical and spelling errors, keep in mind I'm typing with one finger on a 2" screen.

I arrived early evening on Tuesday. My roomie and I headed to our room to find only one king sized bed. Oh well, she looks harmless. Just kidding, but really how much time do you spend sleeping? Not ideal but we managed. Besides, she is younger than I am so if there had been a fight, she would have been on the floor!

We arose early, REAL early, to zip down to the registration desk and find a quick bite. My first class was Beautiful Bows with Judith Adams. It is a basic yoke dress smocked using some beads and has an English netting lace overlay on the yoke. Squint your eyes and imagine you see a picture inserted here.

I had a little personal hiccup this morning in that I lost my crown and had to beat feet to find a dentist who would recement the crown back where it belonged. Add to this that I am a fetal phobic of biblical proportions and you have a recipe for a stressful morning. A kind dentist, some Valium,(I told you I was a phobic) and a limit cement and I made it back to the hotel in time to grab lunch.

Upon returning to class I had some catching up to do. Judith was wonderful. It didn't hurt that the dress size I chose was a size 6 months either. I wad able to pretty much catch up with the rest of the class. It shouldn't take long to finish once the christening gown is done.

One of the most wonderful things about convention are the people you meet. I don't see the majority of these people but once a year but we are able to pick right up where we left off. We decided to grab dinner at the hotel restaraunt. That was good for lots of laughs. Then we usually converge in someone's room
to chat, stitch and laugh. Tonight a couple of us even visited with a friend for some awesome milk punch!! Who knew that linen, lace and bourbon could mix? I only had one.

It's like a giant slumber party with classes thrown in. I usually attend the region meetings as well as artisan meeting. Tonight I was just too wrung out from my day. Tomorrow is class, luncheon and lots mote laughter.

There are other treats for the day as well.

This reporter is headed to bed early tonight. More to come tomorrow. Again, I'm sorry there are no pictures.

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  1. I will excuse the lack of pictures, because I can so relate to the fear of dental pain! Glad it did not set you back too far on the class or fun!

  2. What a day you had! I lost a temp crown once and stuck it back on with denture adhesive, and the dentist had a terrible time getting if off! Love the post with all the misspellings and no photos. I hope you post every day.

  3. Thanks for blogging while away about this! SAGA Convention sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. Thanks for the update. Lucky you to be in a class with Judith. Sorry about the crown. Enjoy the rest of the week. Susan VH

  5. This is so great that you're sharing the fun with those of us that didn't make it! Look forward to seeing your pictures...they are always so good!

  6. I love your report. What a day you had! I always want to hit the bed after a "tooth" event. Amazing how much energy a bunch of women in pajamas can have late at night!

  7. The picture you sent me is real cute. I can't wait to see the finished product, however please finish the christening gown first!

  8. I will make sure your awesome giveaway package is on its way. I hope everyone enjoyed the blog tour and learned something new along the way.


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