Sunday, September 19, 2010

Becky?? Are you out there?

Becky? Are you out there?  If I do not hear from Becky by Monday afternoon, I will draw another winner of the Sew Beautiful Blog Tour Giveaway. I drew your name as the winner. I am waiting to hear from you. Stay tuned faithful reader.


  1. Too bad I'm not the Becky that won. Congrats to her!

  2. After my girls became to "grown" to wear heirloom clothing, I put this wonderful hobby down. Now my first granddaughter is on her way. Her arrival date is November. I am busy making her "going home from the hospital" outfit. I am a bit rusty but thanks to your blog and the wonderful videos from Mary Lou Nall, I am happily sewing away. Your instructions on the shell stitch were perfect! Thanks so much.


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