Thursday, September 23, 2010

SAGA Convention-Day 2 and Redneck Embroidery

Well today was a lot of fun. The day started with turning in my contribution to Show and Share. I entered The Coming Home Dress our baby wore. One of the greatest gifts of SAGA Convention is the inspiration of seeing what others have made. Every year there is the Design Show which showcases original designs. These could be entered in either the Professional Category or Non-Professional. There are items featured from breathtaking original christening gowns to the fun and funky smocked converse tennis shoes. And everything in between. The red smocked Converses were a show stopper!

For those wanting to share but not have their submissions juried enter them in the Show and Share. There are always lots of things to
see and be awed by. This year was no different.

I digressed though, I was telling you about my day. After I turned in my Show and Share it was time to wolf down the muffin and tea my roomate so graciously brought back from the Starbucks. Good thing I didn't make her sleep o the floor! Then off to class.

Today's class was with Gaul Doane. "Floral Embroidery Pique Wrap Dress" Adorable. Gail's classes are always fun and so informative. Learned a new stitch, double cast on stitch. I was all thumbs. The funniest remark was from Gail; this dress features fun, colorful but bolder embroidery. Gail calls it "Redneck Embroidery!" I love it, I laughed right out loud. It will be a fun project to finish.

Thursday of convention also includes the Annual Meeting where the brass tacks of the orginazation are talked about. One of my favorite parts of the annual meeting is the Presentation of Wee Care items that are collected at convention are presented to the local hospitals. The final number of convention collected items is not known yet but across the country over 7,000 Wee Care items have been donated in the name of SAGA. That is awesome.

After viewing Show and Share/Design Show several of us went out for dinner to celebrate a friend's birthday today. The hilarious thing was her husband sent her flowers. But he purposely didn't sign the card as a joke. She thought we (a group of friends here) gave them to her. Since the group of us weren't collectively together all day each of us told her oh" you're welcome" thinking someone other than themselves sent them from the group. Imagine our surprise and hers when finally tonight we were all together at once and realized none of us did!!! A lot of laughs were had over that. Wonder what her husband was thinking all day when she never called to thank him! I bet he signs the card next time.

That is it for this rogue reporter tonight, I need to sleep in a hurry to do it all again in a few hours.


  1. Mom-
    Although Gail may be of French or Belgian descent I do believe it is no longer kosher to refer to them as Gauls.
    Something about the crushing oppression of the Roman Empire brought on by Caesar's armies, basically wiping out the Gallic culture.

  2. I wasn't going to say it, but can't help myself. Are you sure it is the phone or spell check? I am thinking is more likely to having too much fun, not enough sleep, and a few other distractions nearby.

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  4. Love to read your post on red neck embroidery. A good read so far. Thanks a lot.

  5. Great job.. This is another of Pat's great quilts..the embroidery digitizing work by Pat is great and creative. Keep it up.

  6. Really beautiful i love when i come across post like this one.

  7. Great to know about the Saga convention and your contribution on show and share. Your blog is really an inspiration for embroidery digitizers. Thank you.


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