Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I told you!

Imagine my surprise in reading my published post when I said I was a fetal phobic!! Iphone's spell check strikes again. Make that DENTAL phobic. Carry on.


  1. LOL, gotta love those iPhones!! I think that send button is also in the wrong place, for me anyway!! Maybe I am just too quick on the trigger!

  2. I wasn't going to say it, but can't help myself. Are you sure it is the phone or spell check? I am thinking is more likely to having too much fun, not enough sleep, and a few other distractions nearby. I know your roommates only too well! Forgot to ask that you give Judith a hug and hi for me.

  3. I believe in southern charm, manners and family connections. God has blessed my life. My passions besides my family and faith are just about anything that involves a needle and thread. Have been sewing almost my whole life.


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