Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wildman is Having a Birthday

Wildman will be having a birthday soon. Its a fun day and a sad day. Fun, because it is fun to be five. Sad, because he has sadly outgrown most Mimi mades. So t-shirts it is. šŸ˜¢ That being said, he also loooooooves Superheroes!! His favorite right now is *Spiderman.  So Mimi was on the hunt for an embroidery design. (Yes, some licensed designs can be found on the Internet. No, I am not going to point you in that direction. Google, you will find many. ) I never did find an embroidery design but I did find this "pow" number from Stitch Away AppliquĆ©. Its called Comic Book Numbers. Stitched our really nice albeit slowly for some reason.

I again used a Joe's USA t-shirt. Yes, I know it is more expensive than the standard "blanks" t-shirts but they hold up so well. These boys get a lot of wear out of the embroidered t-shirts so I don't mind spending a tad more. I am not doing dozens to sell. I am just dressing two little boys.

I found this five year old's dream at Hobby Lobby. The fabric snob in me about had a stroke but what a Mimi will do for the cause. 

That begged the question how to cut it so it landed in the right place on the appliquƩ. It wasn't going to be much good if Spidey ended up behind the 5 or off the edge. I noodled it for a bit when I had an "ah-ha" moment. Now if this is something you already knew, leave me in my ignorance for a bit.

I have gotten into the habit of printing off my embroidery designs to test placement. It has been a big help. I had already done that when I was trying to see through the paper. (Conjures an image doesn't it?) My "ah-ha" was when I thought I can cut out the big parts and use them as a template! Boy, did I feel smart! (Again, keep it to yourself.) I used an exacto knife and just cut away the large areas. Ignore my ratty looking cutting mat, its about 25 years old. Going to need replacing soon.

I jut scooted my template around until I had the correct elements peaking through. It did take careful marking of the cross points on the fabric to get them to correspond to the cross points I had made on my shirt to make sure Spidey was where I wanted him.

Voila! A serious looking superhero peeking out of the appliquƩ right where I want him. Need to wash out that blue mark!

This was a down and dirty, get it done, Christmas and baby are still in the works. What are you working on?


  1. Martha your examples are the reason I think [wish] I had an embroidery unit/machine. I have the 6 yo who is into the same super heroes, legos, star wars etc...If only we lived closer. ;-)
    Happy birthday to your little guy!!

  2. i've been looking for a good quality t-shirt for my grand boys & it looks like they have every color I'd need. Thanks!

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