Saturday, October 8, 2016

Someone had a Birthday

Someone had a birthday this week.

This sweet girl turned two! How time flies.

Mimi zipped up a new outfit. Made from a pique I have had for several year and Imperial broadcloth for the top.

Children's Corner Aprons

The top is made using Children's Corner "Carol" which is made from the Aprons pattern. It is a size 2. Finished length is 15". Machine Embroidery design from Digitizing Dolls on Etsy. I don't remember the font I used for the lettering.

Don't you just love sweet puffed sleeves?

Children's Corner Parker's Pants

The pants are made from my standby "Parker's Pants" also from Children's Corner.

Just simple inexpensive buttons down the back. It will eventually get cool down south and I wanted this to be play clothes.

Seeing it on her, there are some things I am not crazy about. I want that collar to be wider and the dark purple polka dots are too dark. I don't THINK I used the wrong seam allowance so I will redraft the collar before I make the next one. Also, I made these the length of a pair of leggings that I know fit and are the right length. These are a tad too long. It will depend on time as to whether I re-do it.

There is so much about this picture I love though. Those damp baby hairs, 😍,  she and momma had just come in from a walk. The untied shoe lace. It just melts my heart. They are only little such a short time. And can we talk about how clean momma's floors are?!

Mimi's girl!


  1. did you notice in the first picture of her in her new outfit, you have a light fixture over head (just showing the bottom) and it looks like she has a little halo? Cute!

  2. Adorable outfit on a beautiful baby girl! I think the small collar is dainty. Perhaps rolling the pants legs will help with wearing this outfit longer. They grow so fast!

  3. I love, LOVE the piping along with the boas band on the sleeve. Perfect.

  4. Oh, so pretty, Martha! As always you inspire me and my fingers just itch to sew something pretty! Thank you for sharing these lovely photos!


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