Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Another Quick Skort for Fall

I'm on FaceTime one afternoon with Princess, the oldest granddaughter. "Mimi! Look at this skirt, it has bunnies on it!" I reply, "Yes, it does." Her emphatic response, "Its October!" Okay, I might be dimwitted but on occasion even I can hear what is not being said. In other words, I need another one that isn't Easter themed. Can I help that she wears this skort three times a week? Mom says she loves it. For her it is the best of both worlds, dress-like and shorts underneath. So I am making more.

I made the skort from this same orange pin dot twill that I posted about here. She was so little then, she wasn't even walking.

Children's Corner Sara's Skort
I used Children's Corner Sara's Skort again. I am a slow sew-er and even I cut out, sewed and finished the skort and embroidered the t-shirt in an afternoon and evening. So quick.

She is certainly not that baby anymore. Too grown up for this Mimi to like. The flat front gives it an even more grown up look. I don't expect it to fit longer than a hot minute. I made the size 6 again. She is an average size 6 year old but has not grown a whole lot in the last year. I expect her to shoot up at any second. She has already grown a shoe size in the last 8 weeks. So a growth spurt is imminent. Still I stuck with the size 6 since it still hits right above her knee.  

The t-shirt blank is from ARB Blanks and it is a size 8. Still fits great. I have been very happy with their blanks. It has held up great in the wash, and being worn 2-3x a week it has been washed A LOT!  

The embroidery is from Stitch Away Appliqué. Stitched up beautifully. First time using one their designs. I have no idea what font I used for the monogram.

While the twill was from the stash closet, I wanted something new for the pleated ruffle and shorts. I went to a local quilt shop, Janie Lou and found this cute floral. I wanted something besides gingham. Shock, I know. It is called "Whatever the Weather" by Kaufman

I didn't realize until I had it home that the base of the print also had polka dots. I am nothing if not predictable. 

I have more of these planned for her as well as a Children's Corner Lucy from this same twill planned for LG. My fabric for Christmas dresses should arrive soon, and I still am working on linen for that coming home gown for our December baby. Have to go, there is sewing to do!

Keep stitching, faithful reader.


  1. Love this set! Do you put anything on the back of the embroidery to prevent the design scratching the skin? I need to find a source for this.

    1. Amanda, thank you. No I didn't put anything on the back of this one. She hasn't complained in the past. I have used Sullky's Tender Touch in the past.


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