Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Few Bits and Pieces

I think I can say I have fully recovered from SAGA Convention 2016. I just can't party like I used to, came home sick as a dog. The entire week after returning home I either coughed, blew my nose or slept. New week, new outlook. Time to carry on! Not without taking a quick look at the week of convention. Thanks to the blogger app I was able to post quickly while away even if I couldn't format the posts the way I normally do.

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The first night there was a dinner reception that also featured a keynote speaker. The speaker this year was Katherine Diuguid. She is an assistant professor at North Carolina State University. She presented a slide show about her Master's Thesis "Conseulo-The Glitter of a Dollar Duchess". For her thesis she created a wedding gown inspired by Consuelo Vanderbilt Balsan's original gown. It was fascinating to hear about, see the slides and the gown itself.

The main reason for convention is education which means classes. Some years I have taken as many classes as possible, a different one each day with a different teacher. That is a whole lot of input! I have learned from that. I do better being able to concentrate on one project for more than six hours. I love two day classes. This time I only took technically two classes. I say technically, because the Scallop Hem dress and Jacket were listed in the brochure as two seperate classes, but in my mind it was a four day class with one teacher. The first day I took "Claira" with Phyllis Brown. I love the red and white and you know how I love gingham. Next up, four days with Gail Doane. First two days were spent on the Scalloped Hem Pique smocked dress. I actually got quite a bit more smocked than I thought I would. Also finished the yoke overlay and the sleeves. Pretty far in my opinion. The last two days were spent on the Quilted Liberty of London jacket. Yummy working with the lawn as you quilt it. It is way far along. All of the pieces quilted and cut out. These swing jackets go together pretty quickly. Anxious to finish it. I was very pleased with my class choices.

Another fun part about convention are the raffle baskets. I have posted about my local chapter's basket in the past. This year we again did the sewing room accessories, all made from the same fabrics. It is always fun to see the different projects come back. I have a great chapter, filled with many talented members. Sadly, I did not win any baskets this year. That is okay. You have to look at buying those raffle tickets as a donation. Otherwise you just get irritated. There were several first time attendees who won baskets. That is always fun to see.

There is usually a meal included each day of convention, it might be the opening reception evening, the annual business meeting, or the Saturday night banquet. A common thread between the meals are table favors and door prizes! It is always fun to see the different ideas from chapters. individuals and businesses across the country. It was even neat to see that a couple of them had machine embroidery of the convention logo. I have never tried to digitize anything so that is impressive to me. Inside the little pincushion jar are chocolates. On each of the chocolates are SAGA logos or again the convention logo. I wonder if I can salvage the the wrappers if I eat the chocolate? Life's big questions.

During convention there is also the Design Show which features original designs as well as Show and Share where individuals bring items they have made during the previous year to share with the attendees. At the last minute I grabbed LG's Easter dress that momma overlooked when she left. I had washed it after our trip to American Girl and left it hanging in the bathroom to dry. Momma hung it on the back of the door when she went to shower. So, oops, it was left behind. I just happened to see it when replacing clean towels in there. Light bulb moment "I should take that with me!" During Design Show and Show and Share attendees can vote for their "Viewer's Choice" and it is announced at the banquet on Saturday night. I was quite surprised when my name was called for Viewer's Choice for Show and Share. I was very pleased as well as surprised, it is one of my favorite garments I have made. Forgive the wrinkles, it was just taken straight out of the suitcase.

That pretty much sums up my week at convention. By the time I left I was well on my way to being sick so when I arrived home I immediately went to bed and didn't get up unless forced.

That is all for now faithful reader, there is lots going on in the sewing room besides just the mess created from unpacking.


  1. I'm so sorry you got sick, and am glad you are recovering. I loved that basket, and put quite a few tickets into it! But, didn't win it. As you do, I just figure it's a donation, besides, I have too much stuff anyway.

  2. Congratulations on winning the Viewers Choice of the Show & Share! Your work IS exquisite! Get well soon, I am longing to see what is going on in your sewing room! Did you enter the Fair this year?


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