Monday, May 13, 2013

Spits Happen

Or burps I should say. These are the collection of burp cloths I did for our new peanut.  I used pre-fold cloth diapers from Cotton Babies. These burps are a tad different than the ones I did for Princess, THREE years ago. (How did that happen?) Sadly, I never got the ones made for Wildman I had intended. Oh well, moving on.

The tutorial I used this time was from Notes from the Patch. My older daughter conveyed that she liked the flat burps she had gotten as a gift instead of the ones I had made into a tube. More coverage.

That presented a problem. How to cover up the back of the embroidery. It didn't look very finished to me. So I was in a quandary. A solution presented itself one day while strolling the aisles of my local fabric store, Jackman's. I found in a hidden spot some birdseye fabric. I found it online, here.

Jackpot! A way to cover the back and give even more absorbency.

It is VERY important to prewash the birdseye fabric with hot water and dry in the dryer to preshrink it. After doing so, I cut it to the size of the diaper and stitched in the ditch down the two lines of existing center stitching of a pre-fold diaper. This with the stitching down of the trim fabrics on the front, kind of quilts the backing. And the backside of the embroidery is not visible or scratchy. Score.

They do end up being thick but for their purpose, I think that will be good. Sure could have used some extra absorbency for Wildman who was a reflux baby.

And because I am the nerdy old lady that I am, a favorite:


  1. I loved watching/listening to the video. I want to them to keep going so I can see the final performance with them all dressed up!!

  2. I'm not happy with the quality of the prefolded diapers these days. I don't know why Gerber had to go and change theirs from when I used to buy them when my grands were born.


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