Friday, May 17, 2013

And the Winner

The winner of the Anniversary giveaway is....

Lindsay commented:
For years I have struggled to learn how to do the beautiful heirloom sewing techniques I see in Sew Beautiful and on many of the blogs I follow. My sewing machine was an older model but had all the bells and whistles when I purchased it. 
Last fall I had the good fortune to attend the SAGA convention in Atlanta. I took a great many machine classes from Carol Ahles. May I just say she is a godsend! 
As I struggled through one of her wonderful classes feeling like a total dunce, she stopped by and quickly noted my machine did not have the capability to do the stitches we were learning the techniques for. It wasn't me! Yeah! I was so relieved!
I came home, did some machine research and purchased a beautiful new machine. I love that I can sit down and easily make beautiful heirloom items. I even went back to the shop and purchased the embroidery module! One simple class with one wonderful teaching has so changed my life!
My first embroidery class is this weekend and needless to say I can not wait!!
This just makes my heart sing. To read about someone learning a new skill they had dreamed of learning just inspires me so much. Added to the fact that it was at SAGA convention is just a delight! I am so sorry I missed meeting you. I would concur that Carol Ahles is a gifted teacher. It is also no secret that SAGA is near and dear to my heart. Thank you so much for sharing your story Lindsay.

I was so impressed and inspired with everyone's comments. Not only the breadth of different projects but your pride of accomplishment expressed. I feel inspired to stretch my own skills as well as reach out to others to help them continue to learn and grow. 

You all have used your skills to bring joy, hope, love and friendship to so many that you encounter through each project. Thank you for sharing your stories.

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