Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Play Ball! Sewing for Cousins

New baby's mommy had her showers this past weekend. Now I can share all that I have been keeping under wraps.


First up, Children's Corner Taylor. I have made this pattern too many times to count. Here and here for instance. It is a go-to favorite. Because Mommy and Daddy are avid fans, a bubble honoring the hometown team was in order for our new little man. The embroidery design came from Etsy. I don't want to type out the name of the team for fear the copyright police will find me or the person that digitized the logo. Which may have already happened since I can't find it again to make it linky. I did find this one. I used the 2.5" size on this size 3 month bubble.

I liked the bubble so much I decided his two cousins needed one as well. Team love is a family affair around here!  This fun little sundress is Children's Corner Frannie. I made a size 3 with length added again. The bloomers not shown here are Bonnie Blue Sydney.

 I used the contrasting fabric for the collar, piping and lining. Proportion wise I should have scooted the logo a tad farther down the chest. I wasn't thinking of the collar when I placed the embroidery. For play clothes I wasn't re-doing it. I opted for the optional elastic under the arms. Tied bows and 2 year old don't mix. In my opinion.


Last up in our Children's Corner parade is Children's Corner Johnny. I made a size 24 months for Wildman. I did like the darker red buttons I used on the Taylor above than these brighter red ones. Again, for play clothes, I wasn't changing it. These were the buttons I had in this size, so they were the ones I used.

All of the fabrics were stash from the closet. As were the patterns. Only thing I purchased were buttons and the embroidery. Under $10 for three cutie patootie outfits, score!

I did like that the embroidery design came in several different sizes so I could use sizes more appropriate for the size garment. I didn't think that little size 3 month needed a 4" logo on his chest.

I have more to share with you in coming posts.

In other news, registration for the annual SAGA convention opened up today. Check out the brochure here. Promises to be lots of fun. I can't wait.


  1. toooooooo cute!!!! I love everything you do!!!!
    Would you believe I have never made the Frannie, got it, just haven't. And it is one of my favorites. Again, these are just lovely!!!

  2. I love them all...even tho in my family, they root for the other team!! I have some team logos but am always afraid to use them. I am jealous that you have little ones to sew baby days are over. These are just too cute for words.


  3. These are wonderful, Martha. So prescious.

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