Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Anniversary Celebration Continues- Another Giveaway

Our celebration continues. My girlfriend's mother used to celebrate her birthday "month." So why can't we do that with an anniversary as well?

This time our giveaway is sponsored by Vaune. The owner, Vaune Pierce, is also a teacher, pattern designer as well as a contributo for Sew Beautiful. She teaches for chapters, shops as well as nationally for SAGA. She is a long time supporter of SAGA. I am fortunate enough to say I count her among my friends as well.

Are you a scissor lover? Well I am! I need a recovery plan but don't plan to seek one. I have quite a few scissors, mostly Gingher and Dovo. As well as some other inexpensive embroidery scissors.

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I have lusted after this set of Dovo scissors for years! Years, I tell ya. There is something about the scissors and the velvet lined case that makes my heart sing. 

Vaune also has a variety of Thread of the Month offerings. A great way to be able to build a stash of threads you might not encounter at your local shops. A very affordable or at least managable way to build a stash. Few of us can afford to buy an entire line of floss at one time but would love to have every color. With that in mind, I recently signed up for the Anchor Floss of the Month. I did opt out of the bobbins for the floss. There is one shop here in town that carries Anchor, but it is a hike and not a part of town I frequently go to. I often prefer Anchor over DMC threads because I am more drawn to their "cool" undertones as opposed to the "dustier" undertone of DMC. Also many times, Anchor will cover better when picture smocking. Don't get me wrong, DMC is still a viable choice and I have a selection of both and use both. I do prefer Anchor though over DMC for hand embroidery because it has a glossier finish. It is the little things in life!

Vaune has graciously offered to sponsor a giveaway that I think you will all be excited to see. It speaks to my love of scissors. 

A pair of DOVO scissors! These are a pair of nubbed embroidery/lace scissors. They can be found here on Vaune's site. Thank you Vaune for the very generous offer for my readers. The lucky winner will LOVE these scissors as much as I do. I happen to own two pair, one DOVO and another unmarked pair. 


That little nub makes them perfect for both lace work as well as machine embroidery. They are also sharp all the to the end of the scissors, so are wonderful for hand embroidery work as well.

Since I had some duplicates of Anchor Floss I decided to throw in a few skeins for the lucky winner to try. I can see some beautiful bullion roses with some of these colors.

I loved the comments from the last giveaway and can't wait to read the comments this time. To enter, leave a comment on this post only, answering these two questions:
  1. What is your favorite stitching pastime? Hand embroidery, heirloom sewing, smocking, machine embroidery etc. And why?
  2. Also visit and let us know what your favorite find was.
I can't wait to hear what you have to share. To enter:

  1. Leave a comment here, no email entries please. Remember, it is a two part question.
  2. If you share this giveaway on your blog or facebook page, come back and leave an additional comment saying you did so, to be entered twice. 
  3. Each entry must have a valid email or blog address with which to contact you. This is especially important for those "Anonymous" commenters. 
  4. The winner will be announced on Friday morning.
Again thank you to Vaune for being so generous. Good luck to you all. 


  1. Martha, what a great game!
    1. When I was a young stay at home mom, I smocked like a crazy woman. I loved every stitch. My youngest had so many dresses she wore them to play in. Now, I'm working and I don't have as much time. With my 5th granddaughter coming in August I just can't keep up. So, now I machine embroider. I love the quality of today's machine embroidery and its really the only way I can get a dress done while it still fits the child.

    2. TUTTO! I have lusted after a tutto for a while now. I may just have to be good to myself for my birthday or maybe a Tuesday. I too am a scissor junkie. When I did a brief stint into redwork, I bought cute little red scissors to do it. I have not yet added a pair of Dovos to the collection, and I would be very happy to.

  2. Great give away, thanks Vaune!
    1. My current favorite stitching pastime has got to be geometric smocking because once I get going it's very relaxing and the results show quickly!
    2. My favorite find on is the Doll Pink Tea set. (My daughter LOVES tea parties with her American Doll, Caroline.)

  3. Thanks Martha and Vaune. Hand embroidery has always been my favorite. Right now I am hooked on the needlepoint designs of Gay Ann Rogers (not traditional needlepoint), but drawn thread and hemstitching are other favorites. The fact that I like mindless repetition probably says something about me!
    I have been drooling over Vaune's tea sets for years. A granddaughter would give me a great excuse, don't you think?

  4. Martha my favorite stitching is smocking! I find it peaceful.... almost therapeutic! Now if my shoulders felt that way!
    I love all of Vaunes scissors!! I want them all! Love a pretty pair when I do pretty stitching!
    Sue Lavell......suelavell@gmail. com

  5. I think geometric smocking is my favorite form of hand needlework. A friend taught me many years ago and although I don't smock as much as I used to, I enjoy smocking the little preemie dresses for the hospitals.

    Vaune has a very nice website. I "lust" after all the thread clubs. Enjoy using all of those threads but expecially the floche which is what I learned to smock with.

    Happy Anniversary again. Antcan@

  6. I shared this giveaway on my Facebook page!

  7. Smocking is my favorite form of needlework. Being a mom of seven kids, smocking allowed me to make beautiful dresses for my girls. Heirloom sewing though beautiful just doesn't fit the budget and smocking did. Smocking also has endless possibilities for both boys and girls. I love seeing a design unfold while stitching, and later the happy faces who receive the outfit/dresses.

    When looking at Vaunes site I looked at the classes offered, threads and scissors. Such beautiful things. Supplies in my neck of the woods are slim and it's nice to be able to see
    what others have to offer. Maybe someday they'll be a class in my future.

    Happy Anniversary! J.Smith

  8. My favorite needlework is smocking. I have no grandchildren so I smock for my friends who do and for the closet in the hope that there may be some in the future. I was happy to see the Country Bumpkin A-Z Books and the lovely swiss voile fabric offered at Vaune's.
    Keep up the blogging as I enjoy it when it arrives with a new entry where I can learn and improve my efforts.

    Happy Anniversary!

  9. It is hard for me to choose between geometric smocking and emboidery. I love them both! If a choice must be made, then I must choose embroidery. I love seeing the stitches make the design come alive.

    I loved the children's tea sets at Vaune's! I thought the Eloise set was particularly pretty.

  10. My favorite needlework is smocking because I love to do special one of a king clothes for my daughter. I feel smocking is classic and can be handed down to another generation without looking too dated.
    The scissor selection at Vaune's is great. I would buy DOVO 4 pc Scissor Set. I also liked the Tutto machine bag and the quick pleater which is a notion I have never seen before.

  11. My favorite needlework is smocking, and second is any embroidery. I find it a peaceful way to clear my mind of the stresses. My husband calls it "going into my zone". I was taught embroidery by my grandmother at age 3, and she gave me a beautiful set of scissors that I still use today. I had never known about Dovo scissors until I learned to smock last year when I retired. I learned about them on your blog and a couple of other blogs I read faithfully. Thank you for all our instruction, inspiration, and fun. I would love to win the scissors to learn how special they are.

  12. Happy anniversary, Martha! Do I have to choose a favorite?? I love all sewing, but I guess at the moment my favorite is machine sewing. I recently purchased a demo model Bernina 830!! Not a single moment of buyer's remorse, I LOVE that machine. There is so much great stuff on Vaune's site. That little bonnet box is simply precious! Also love her Evening Elegance pattern for ladies.

  13. Thank you Martha and Vaune for this opportunity! My favorite stitching is anything that involves lace! I love stitching lace together, especially an antique reproduction daygown, whether by hand or machine.
    All of those Dovo scissors are to be coveted. The Silver Stork Sheers are especially gorgeous and I hope to have a pair some day.

  14. Though I like all kinds of sewing, I love smocking. Sometimes I think I like the finished product almost better than the doing but it is something I derive a great deal of pleasure from. Vaunes newsletters are very nice. I never fail to learn a little something when I read them and her fabrics are wonderful.
    Congratulations on your anniversary!

  15. When my daughter was little, I was a lean, mean smocking machine! I smocked every chance I got. Now that I have no little ones to smock for I have rekindled a love for embroidery. Right now, I am working on the Betsy's Closet- In Stitches quilt.
    I love Vaune's lovely selection of floche and coton a broder. These are hard to find. I hope to join her floche of the month club someday.
    Happy Anniversary!

  16. While I love all types of sewing, my current favorite is hand embroidery. Life had gotten in the way for quite a while and I wasn't able to indulge in my love of sewing as much as I wanted to, but nowadays I fill my time with as much stitching as I can, and I am a much more relaxed, happier person because of it. I also love to smock and can't wait for grandchildren. I'm working on my grandmother's hope chest. I was so pleased to see that has the A to Z series, and in fact, I ordered on of the books on my wishlist from her today!
    Sewin_Mom at verizon dot net

  17. My favorite stitching pastime is counted cross stitch. I will probably be the only person who gives you that answer! In recent years, I have started using some of the specialty threads, which have increased my pleasure; using only DMC floss got rather boring. I enjoy counted cross stitch right now because it is inexpensive(well, other than the charts, but if you buy magazines, you get multiple designs, which greatly reduces the cost). I don't have any little ones to smock or heirloom sew for, and when my PC running Win XP died, I lost my machine embroidery software and can't afford to replace it right now. When I visited, I spotted the DOVO 3.5 inch Embroidery Scissors with Silver Scollops. I am addicted to embroidery scissors. After all, I need a pair with every project I am either currently working on or which I have kitted and is ready to go!

    Happy Anniversary!

  18. I love anniversaries!
    1. Smocking is my favorite because you can hold the fabric, needle, and floss in both hands to create what you desire.
    2. Great scissors!, But the tea sets brought back many tea party memories.
    Thanks! Liz

  19. Ohhhh....such a wonderful giveaway!
    1. Hands down! My favorite sewing is bullion rose making hand embroidery! I just love making those sweet little rosebuds and larger roses with their greenery. :) I really love smocking also!
    2. At Vaune's site, I love the 4.5 inch Dove Serrated Scissors with the finger rest! And if I don't win your contest, I see a splurge happening real soon! :)
    Thanks, Martha and Vaune

  20. My favourite stitching pastime is heirloom sewing because I love machines and the beautiful fine fabrics and laces. At, the different colours of floche really caught my eye--what to choose! Thanks for your great blog!

  21. Hi Martha,

    Oh, let's see. My favorite hand pastime is smocking. My favorite machine work is machine embroidery, because it's so quick!! I love seeing my kids in clothes I made and I always get lots of pictures.
    At Vaune, I love the special bonnet boxes. I can think of lots of uses for them.

  22. Hand sewing. It is so relaxing and I hope that it will be valued by many generations to come. I hate sitting behind a machine. I can sit with sewing in my lap and still be active in what's going on around me.

    The baby Mary Jane shoes are darling!

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I love GOOD scissors and floss!
    Carrie Gray

  23. My very favorite sewing pastime is planning the next project. I enjoy gathering the fabric, laces, threads and notions I'll need to bring a pattern to life. Unfortunately, I'm not so good at actually making up the garments. ;(
    Vaune has so many lovely things on her site it's hard to pick a favorite. I covet the 3-pc Dovo scissor set, but really like looking at all the shades of floche. Can I have two favorites?
    Happy Anniversary!
    Kathy P in Pittsburgh

  24. Happy anniversary, Martha! I love so many aspects of sewing/smocking/heirloom, and I was about to say shadow embroidery was my favorite, but to be honest, smocking still wins out every time. Even when I make dresses that aren't meant to be smocked, I find myself looking for somewhere to add just a touch of smocking because it's just so sweet.
    As for Vaune's site, I am drawn to many things, but two especially stand out: I really want a Tutto case for my machine when I travel to workshops and classes and I would LOVE to have all of the colors in floche. I just dearly love floche for hand embroidery but can never find all the colors I need. I need to work on that!

  25. My favorite pastime is sewing a baby's daygown, I just enjoy thinking that I'm making a soft, beautiful garment to make a baby to look even more beautiful, it fills my heart with joy.
    As from Vaune's is hard to pick... I loved the rose gold embroidery scissors!
    Happy anniversary!

  26. Hard to pick my favorite type of handsewing. Probably whatever I'm.doing at the time. I love smocking, embroidery, crossstitch, and just handsewing hems or finishing a piece of clothing. On Vaune's site I think I would LOVE one of the machine lights. I can never get enough light when I'm sewing!!!

  27. Happy anniversary!! You've done a wonderful blog and are an inspiration to us all.

    1. My favorite type of sewing is heirloom sewing, especially by hand, followed by embroidery. There just is something so soothing about hand sewing, along with the satisfaction that I know I can sew a complete outfit by hand, complete with embroidery, hemstitching, and of course, feather stitching (umm, that falls into the embroidery category, doesn't it?)

    2. It is hard to find just one favorite thing on Vaune's site, but I love the Dovo scissors!! I have two pair and they are the greatest. I did the floche of the month club and was thrilled to get a new package every month for a year. I have quite a bit of Anchor, but may sign up for that club as well. Or maybe the coton a border...

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  28. Happy blogiversary Martha!

    My current favorite is hand embroidery, including drawn and pulled thread. I adore making eyelets!

    Vaune has great stuff - including some great books! That French Alphabet book would be my favorite new find on her site.

  29. 1. Hand-embroidery is my favorite, most likely because it brings back a connection to my Grandmother, who taught me many of my needlework skills. I find it relaxing and enjoy feeling that I'm putting a little me, a little love, into each stitch.
    2.I covet the Dovo scissors on Vaune's site!
    Happy Anniversary!!

  30. Happy Anniversary! The need to hold fabric and thread in my hands began some 50 years ago. Through out the years needlework has always given me pleasure. Though I have done lots of different needlework, I am new to smocking and heirloom sewing, the fineness of the work is enchanting. I find great inspiration here on your blog. I currently do embroidery and crazy quilting with scissors that are far from as fine as these you are offering. I was glad to know about the difference between Anchor and DMC threads, I don't see Anchor thread in my area.
    My favorite thing on Vaune's site...I immediately signed up for the newsletter, I have lots to learn and the fabrics. Nice quality fabric is very hard to find locally and if I am going to take the time and effort to create a beautiful item, I want the best material I can find.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

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