Monday, April 30, 2012

Sometimes Bigger is Better


For most toddlers, eating is messy business. Like this little one. No this isn't Princess, but she gets just as messy. I amazingly don't have a photo. It isn't always easiest or possible to strip her down every time she ate and I got tired of soaking her clothes. So another solution was needed. I went searching for some BIGGGG bibs that weren't plastic. She wasn't a fan of the long sleeved bibs.

Wicked Big Bibs to the rescue. I found them while searching on etsy. I bought just one to see how it would work. For a bib they were a bit pricier than I could pay to buy several, so I used the one I did purchase for a pattern and then went went stash diving.

This was the result. I just stitched a sandwich of two cotton prints with one layer of thin batting in the middle. Trimmed it all with bias binding and stitched Velcro to the neck. Now Mommy has several for home and at least one to keep in the diaper bag. The men around here kept calling them welder bibs. I didn't care, they did the trick.

Sorry for the poor picture, must have been taken with my phone. If you squint you can see the legs of the bib reach over her knees

as well as over her shoulders. The next batch I make I will use heftier Velcro. All I had in the cabinet was soft Velcro. I thought that would be best against her neck but it makes it too easy for her to tug it off. Spaghetti is still eaten half naked but it works great for most meals. You could use purchased bias tape but I preferred the self bias.

Not very glamorous sewing but necessary. Now onto some smocking!


  1. These look nice. I've been thinking about a better bib for my little daycare boy. He rips off velcro like nothing and it's getting harder to keep him clean while eating. He also likes to pull the bib up and suck on something that ties to his feet would be good. :)

  2. These look like they would be great with one of the pretty laminated fabrics out now...wipe them right off! I made an apron for DD out of that b/c she had "outgrown" bibs but was still a horrible mess at times. She's five now, and that thing still comes out for certain meals.

  3. I've used a couple layers of flannel in the bibs I make.

  4. Great idea !! I could use some of those for my DH do they come supersized ??

  5. Brilliant! I know a few adults who could use these. :)

  6. What an awesome idea... like how it comes down the leg. And then just throw it in the wash instead of the baby!!

  7. has a bib pattern that you might also be interested in. It has sleeves and slips over the head. Could be made longer to go over the knees.

    Anyway, these are really cute - sometimes, I think that I need a bib. ;-)


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