Friday, April 13, 2012

The Easter Bunny Cometh


Hello again faithful reader. I did not return as soon as expected because the scheduled departure of the babies has not occurred yet. They are still here, their next scheduled attempt at departure is set for early this upcoming week. We have learned through the process of  this international move, that nothing moves quickly or in a linear fashion. Many fits and starts. The upside of that is they were still home for Easter. So everyone gathered again. It was a wonderful weekend with lots of laughs, smiles, giggles, good food and even better company.

A wonderful holiday with a smidge of wedding prep thrown in there too. A shout out to Vellum, a fabulous stationer in Kirkwood.

Sit back and I will tell you about it. Lots of pictures.

We celebrated with the springtime ritual of blowing bubbles. Do you ever notice bottles of bubbles for sale as much as at Easter time? I don't.


Easter eggs were dyed. Yes this was done by some almost nekkid. She didn't mind.

New shoes were admired.

Cookies were decorated. Not the best but not too horrible for someone still recovering from shoulder surgery.


Weary travelers napped.


Lots and lots of snuggles were shared.

New recipes were tried.

And handsome young men were admired.

All wrapped in sweet hello-s...

And tearful goodbyes.

It was a wonderful few days of spending treasured time together while trying to capture the  sights, smells and sounds of another holiday spent with loved ones. It was perfect.

There is still more Easter fun to share but I will save it for the next time. I hope all of you had a wonderful spring weekend as well, no matter how you celebrated.  Also hopefully some stitching is in my near future. I really miss it.


  1. I have missed you!! And I totally enjoyed spending a bit of your Easter time with you in your post. Looking forward to the next one.

  2. What a perfect Easter. Thanks for sharing. I have missed you, but certainly understand that you need to savor every minute with those precious grands.

  3. Precious memories! They grow up far too quickly! The wedding rush has begun here too!

  4. We've missed you. Sounds like very special memories are being made and I love hearing your reports.


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