Monday, April 23, 2012

A New Normal


Life is much quieter these days. The great exodus took place last week.

I will have to go buy a suitcase in order to go visit. Not a suitcase left in the place. This doesn't give a true picture...

I could have sworn it looked more like this.

Princess had lots of fun trying to undo everything Momma did as she prepared to depart. I hear that is a trend that has not changed since they arrived at their destination.

Baby Hank seemed to take the whole thing in stride. Save a whopping case of jet lag, he has taken the relocation much better than Sissy has.

I took my time last week wallowing in a good case of separation anxiety. Everyone needs a good pity party every now and then. Yes, I know there is email, Facebook, Skype, Face Time and Tango. Trust me when I say it doesn't take the place of hearing "where's Mimi?" every morning. We will adjust. I have a visit planned very soon. I am a mom who needs to see where her kids lay their head at night.

I do have lots of sewing projects piled up, my shoulder is slowly allowing me to get back to normal. Operative word is slowly. (FYI protect your rotator cuff!) Yesterday and today I have been plowing through the mess in my sewing room. Why is that the dumping ground for everything just because someone doesn't know where it goes? And when you are working with your non dominate arm, it is even more of a process. Oh well. Needs to be done.

On a happier note, I had a little happy arrive in the mail last week. Marilyn over at Pink Martinis and Pearls hosted a giveaway a few weeks ago and shock of shocks, I won! It was a bright spot in my week. If you need a great cookie recipe, hers is the best. I use it all the time.

Off to sort, move and tidy a bit more. I will be back much more regularly now and hopefully with something to show for my time. As always faithful reader, thank you for the emails of good wishes and concern.


  1. Ours are moving this summer. Trying not to think about not seeing them several times a week. Just as she's learning to talk and turning into a "person" and off they take her!!! If you can survive, I can, too.

  2. I hope the transition goes smoothly for all and that the rest of the recovery for your shoulder is fast. I have the same problem with my sewing room. I am hoping to find the floor this week. I know that it has to be there because something has to be holding all of the stuff up!

  3. Where did everyone go??? I didnt know they were leaving. I am depressed for you :(

  4. I know you enjoyed every minute with your precious littles... now you will just have to plan your next visit! God's compassion is new every morning... great is His faithfulness!

  5. The pain of not being close to your grands, I know it well. Lots of phone calls and Skype help. Surprise gifts in the mail do too. I am so sorry to hear about your shoulder. I know that is so painful as my sis went through this this past year. Take care. Sewing will come.


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