Saturday, April 14, 2012

The First Egg Hunt, Ever!

I am sure that other children may have participated in an Easter Egg Hunt before, but you sure couldn't tell it by the nine adults standing around our front yard last Saturday. I have pondered that few precious minutes of watching this child hunt Easter eggs all week. We stood around and delighted in every move she made and giggled like kids ourselves. A moment of pure joy. Baby brother? Slept through the whole thing. Little did we know he was coming down with a bug. Next year will be his time.

So sit back and enjoy the First Easter Egg Hunt ever held and of course the only child smart enough to accomplish the task. Ever. We aren't biased or anything.

No one was left out and the dog, known by Princess as Car-car, wasn't about to miss it either. He scooted out the door before anyone could catch him.

"I am not really sure what this is all about. Y'all seem awfully excited though."

Obviously the dog is going to play an important role in this "hunting" thing. He had to sniff every egg before it could be gathered. Mommy helped too.

"I think I get it, let's do this thing."

See how deftly she grasps that egg? I told you she was smart. The egg is lifted so gently right before you hear it "crack" after it hits the basket. Thank goodness we were getting ready to devil them for dinner right away.


"Come on Car-car, there has to be more." See how Car-car is so keenly sniffing out the eggs?

"Mommy, hold that basket still while I gather this one."

"Look how many I found! I have no idea what to do with them now."

"That was fun, lets do it again!" And we did.

Before you ask; yes, I made her dress. No, not this year. My shoulder prevented any Easter sewing this year. Princess is wearing her mother's Easter dress from 1985. A simple Children's Corner Lee smocked with Ellen McCarn's Sundress Bunnies. It is out of Imperial broadcloth with a teeny smidgeon of lace around the collar. It was all I could afford at the time. Married to a 2nd Lt. in the Air Force and pregnant with our fourth child, I was doing good to purchase fabric for two dresses let alone much lace. It is a tad big in the shoulders but since little girls wore their dresses much shorter then, it was this year or not at all. 27 year old dresses don't handle having the hem let down very well.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our Easter joy. Truly a wonderful celebration of all Easter is about.


  1. What a darling little angel, and the dress certainly wore very well!

  2. Princess looks perfect! How sweet to be wearing her Mommy's dress... It would be fun to see photos of both of them wearing the dress side by side. I pray your shoulder is feeling much better and I am glad you have been given the gift of time with your DD and DGBabies.
    May their travels go smoothly once they officially start.

  3. What fun! I can hear the 'crack' the eggs made in the basket. She looks adorable in her mothers dress. Next year she can help little brother find eggs, as she will be the experienced one!

  4. Too fun!! Even though the delays must be maddening for them, how great that they were here for Easter with all of you.

  5. Yours may not have been the only egg hunt, but it was certainly the best! Princess was also one very well dressed hunter. Love the timeless beauty of our classic sewing, and all the special memories. Precious!

  6. Sew much fun! No grandbabies yet, but my "kids" (adults now) still enjoy the hunt... and decorating too! What a treat to have her wear her mom's dress made by you! That is a treasure!

  7. Such a precious little girl and I love her dress! Yes, she is the smartest Easter egg gatherer ever and your dog is the best egg-sniffing dog ever. :)) I hope your shoulder is healing and you're back to smocking soon. (One of my neighbors had rotator cuff surgery after a nasty fall cleaning her bathroom vanity took several months to heal completely.) Prayers for you, Martha and hugs.

  8. Love that Princess wore her mother's Easter dress! The touch of lace on the collar is perfect--some of the outfits today--while adorable--are a bit over the top for my taste.

    I've been lurking and enjoying your blog for a few weeks. Hope your shoulder improves soon!



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