Friday, October 7, 2011

Same Song-Second Verse

I am on a roll trying to clear this cutting table before I leave for convention on Tuesday. I finished the floral blouse to go with yesterday's jumper. This is a floral remnant that I got from BessieMary when I bought both the orange dot and the green ghost fabrics. Thanks Jan, I would never have thought to put these together, but I love it.

Blouse pattern is the same as yesterday and the brother/sister outfits. I knew I was short on time so I just cut them all out at the same time. As stated before, the blouse is CC "Meg" which is out of print. It has a sweet sleeve, though I did lengthen the sleeve by about a three quarters of an inch. For this blouse, I added a sweet ruffle to the collar for something different.

The collars are all drafted using Gail Doane's instructions from her Peter Pan Collar class. If you ever get a chance to take that class, I highly recommend it. To add the ruffle, I trimmed away 3/8" 1/4" away from the collar pieces.(Correction: Since the collar was already designed for a 1/8" piping, to add space for the 3/8" ruffle, I only needed to remove an additional 1/4") Since this is a pretty firm cotton, I only gathered the ruffle for the collar about 1.5x the distance around the collar. My goal was just a sweet little frill, not loud "gathers."

This is a size 2 "Lucy" with a size 1 armhole cut on it. Princess is a tall young lady and a bit on the "stocky" side these days. She needed the width and length of the 2, but her armsyce length is a size 1. Instead of all that figuring about how to enlarge a size 1, I had a light bulb moment of just using the armhole and making the rest the next  size up. It worked great. She is 32" tall and 28# at 14.5 months. I hope that helps for those trying to decide what size to make.

Parting Shots:


Great baseball! Great win! Our prayers go out to hometown boy, Phillies player Ryan Howard, and hope that his injuries heal quickly.


  1. Glad to know someone is using that pattern! It sure is a sweet blouse. Cannot wait to see pics on that girl.

  2. Such beautiful work.

    I find it very useful to have you share with us how you are modifying
    the patterns to make them as you like and to solve fit issues of the young ones. This is something I usually want (or need) to do but don't always have the "how" answers.

  3. Too cute!! But I'm sure they will be even cuter on the little darling. Gail's peter pan collar method is a winner, I use it all the time now. See you next week, I think we're in Jeannie's two day class together!

  4. That sweet floral was one of my favorites. So happy there was enough left for this blouse!
    The collar is perfect!
    Congrats to the Cards, too! May they keep winning, unless they meet up with our Texas Rangers!

  5. Cute print for the blouse gives a very different look, love the little collar.

  6. So cute! Thanks for reminding me that not everything has to be an heirloom wonder to be a special and much-loved outfit. I like the two blouses for one jumper and LOVE the monogram. The princess sounds like my 2nd son, who was 28 lbs at a year also though not that tall - not sure why it never occured to me to combine sizes for him.

  7. I love this little floral print with the dress! Again... beautiful work!!


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