Monday, October 10, 2011

Dressing Baby Brother

Baby brother doesn't need a whole lot, but that doesn't stop Mimi's need to sew. This is just a simple Imperial Batiste daygown. Embroidered with a manly little alligator.

It is from Shadowwork Fun and Fancy by  Martha Pullen/Sew Beautiful. I only shadowworked his scales, the rest of him is done in backstitch.

For the pattern I used "Priscilla's Layette" pattern by The Old Fashioned Baby. It is another out of print pattern but can often be found at some heirloom retailers or online auction sites. If not, you could use OFB Embroidered Raglan Daygown and switch it to a front placket.


The arms and neck are bound with green gingham. You know how I love gingham trim. I also set the sleeves in in the round. With a raglan sleeve that can be a bit trickier but it was worth it. Between the buttons are just some simple granitos. I was going to use green floss to attach the buttons, but it was too much.

The pattern calls for a three inch hem. Since the gown is A-line, that causes some fullness in the hem that has to be either gathered or pinched in. I'm not a fan, so I reduced the hem to one inch. It is sewn with a running stitch using one strand of floss. And as always trial and error, I was determined to use the three inch hem and the first go around I used two strands of floss. Looked nasty to me. Took it out, cut down the hem and used one strand instead.

Back to the grind. I leave EARLY tomorrow for Anaheim.

Parting Shot:

The Lucy I posted here on Princess.


  1. Darling daygown! And love the pic of Miss Eva in her new threads. Your size 2 with size 1 armholes fit her very well.

  2. Sweet daygown for a little guy! I have decided backstitching some shadow work designs is just as pretty, and sometimes a little quicker.

  3. Simply elegant... and love the gator! Adorable dress looks great on your little one!

  4. The gator gown is so pristine and yet so masculine. What a great baby boy outfit. As a huge Florida Gator fan, I'd love to make one just like this. Would that be okay with you?

  5. There is nothing sweeter than a darling blouse and jumper on a little girl. So cute!


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