Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 2 at SAGA Convention

Well faithful reader, here we are at day 2. First day of class went well. We pulled threads, hemstitched, wore tiaras, went to our region meetings, had great fun and laughter. In the evening there was a crochet-in for those who wanted to learn how to add crochet edgings to Wee Care gowns, blankets and bonnets. There was a huge turnout for that event. The hospitality room (SAGA central) was overflowing with crochet hopefuls. The region meetings were held during lunch, which was a great idea. It is always good to connect with others from your region and hear ideas from other chapters. Raffle baskets are rolling in and there are some awesome ones. I have to get my tickets ready. We had a relaxed dinner and even got to bed way earlier than normal. I did work on baby boy's coming home gown. I have the pattern lengthened and traced. The fabric is prepared and ready to trace. Today is my second day of a two-day class from Jeannie Baumeister. We are cutting out the dress front and stitch tucks and add lace. Tonight is also Design Show and Show and Share. That's always inspiring. Later faithful reader.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time. Thank you for remembering those of us not in attendance with your updates!

  2. I'm glad someone is posting about the Convention! I'm too busy! I went out for sushi tonight with a friend from Texas.


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