Monday, April 18, 2011

A Royal Peek

In honour (see how I got all English on you?) of the upcoming royal fever being showcased next week, a little peek into other things royal. Thank you to Mary Corbet over at Needle N Thread for posting about this little jewel this morning. As you watch, pay close attention at times 1:51, 2:36 and 5:11. Precious christening gowns in the background. I almost have a one track mind, I know.

Watch here a snippet of CBS News coverage of the Royal School of Needlework.

Oh how I would love to take courses there. Perhaps the next trip to London will afford the time for that.


  1. I saw that story yesterday and was so mad. I was in London last year and had no idae this place, this heaven on earth even existed.
    I am now desperate to go back.

  2. Amazing! How I would love to take a tour and stay to stitch a bit! :)


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