Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Aged Like Fine Wine

That is what this romper is. Our princess is wearing Old Fashioned Baby's "Baby's Summer Clothes." This is a class project from when Jeannie came to teach at our SAGA chapter probably 13 or 14 years ago. It has been hanging in a closet waiting for a recipient ever since. I did have to replace the elastic in the legs. (Remember, elastic dies when hidden in a closet.)

It is a sweet simple little sleeveless romper perfect for summer. It is made from Swiss batitste and closed with tiny mother of pearl buttons. (Pardon the wrinkles, I plucked it right out of the laundry.) This is the same romper that I made to go with the little diaper shirt featured here and here. I love this pattern.


Check out that shell hem. Not sure what I was going for beside micrometer sized shells. I've loosened up some since then. The embroidery is very simple. The motif is provided in the pattern.

Daddy isn't going to like those buttons. Daddies don't like teeny, tiny buttons. They want honkerin' big buttons or snaps.


More of our days are warm so she will get several weeks of wear from this simple little romper. As I mentioned it is the size large or 12 months. (I'm not sure how it is listed in the pattern.) She weighs 21# now is around 28" tall for those wondering about the fit.

I hope you are stitching something fun right now. I am feverishly trying to get an Easter Bunny bishop finished before this weekend. We will see if I make the deadline.


  1. I love seeing babies in sweet outfits like that. She is so adorable!

  2. Awe, sweet baby girl. The romper is adorable on her. Your shell stitch is beautiful.

  3. That (and she!) is absolutely adorable!

  4. That's a JD look if I've ever seen one.
    Nice to see the family attitude moving on to a new generation.

  5. What a look on her face! And how can she manage to hold her head up with cheeks like that - so nice to kiss! Oh, and the dress is darling, too.

  6. Even better than a fine wine! Wonder what she is contemplating in that first photograph? Too sweet.

  7. I wish someone still thought my chubby cheeks and chubby thighs were cute... :) Kudos for pulling one more thing out to put on that almost nekkid child.


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