Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cheery Cherries

It is official, I love cherries. I love cherry blossoms, I love cherry fabrics, I even love fresh cherries. I'm not a fan of cherry pie though. Springtime abounds with cherries.


The cover of the newest issue of Sew Beautiful features cherries. Very cute Kathy D!

Fabric Finders Cherry Print available in several colorways.

There are lots of fabrics that feature cherries.

There are smocking plates with appliques to match.
 Available at Bessie Mary

There are also iron on and stitch appliques if you don't have an embroidery machine.

How cute are these? Perhaps I might weed with a happier heart if I had these. Too cute. My girls won't think so.

Every cherry lover has to be a Mary Englebreit fan as well.

I posted about The Cherry Dress here. I had the opportunity to visit the St. Louis Women's Exchange yesterday. Believe me, the Cherry Dress is alive and well! In almost every imaginable color combination. Pink/white, white/pink, white/red, red polka dots, smocked appliqued or button cherries were everywhere. They were also flying out of there as fast as you could blink. My favorite was navy blue, with white collar and cuffs, piped with red. Of course the cherries were red. Too adorable. Our baby may have to have one of those.

One of my favorite cherry lovies is this vintage hankie. I love the three dimensional cherries and the buttonhole edging is perfect. A real treasure of Madiera work from Portugal. How I came to possess this treasure is not quite as pretty a story.

The hankie came up for auction on ebay several years ago. I diligently and with caution to the wind, bid again, again and again. And again. Only to be beat out at the last moment. I was a very unhappy camper. Well..... as you could at that time, I snooped through the winning bidder's history. Imagine my surprise to discover it was a local stitching friend who had ruthlessly outbid me. Ruthless I tell ya! As karma often happens, she called me soon after this for a completely different reason. I asked if her screenname was ----------; who had yanked happiness in the form of a vintage hankie from my grip. She tried to deny it several times but finally 'fessed up. I will freely admit that I pouted. Badly.

Imagine my surprise when at our monthly chapter meeting a few months later she presented me with a tissue wrapped gift. Inside was my lusted after hankie. We went through the expected "Oh no, you don't have to/No, no I want you to have it" a few times. I relented and accepted her gracious gift. Although I knew I certainly didn't deserve it after my sore loser routine. Every time I see it in my sewing room I think of her though and chuckle at how I came to have it.

Have a cherry on top day!


  1. This post is the cherry on my day. :)

  2. That cherry blossom photo is gorgeous. I recently saw some beutiful cherry print fabric at my "local" Joann's. I didn't buy it because I'm trying to be good and sew from stash. But I keep thinking about it, so if they still have it this weekend, I'm going to get it. My daughter would love a cherry print dress (and so would I!)

  3. What a perfectly cheery post!

  4. Love your hankie and your ebay story.

  5. What a fun blog! Thank you!

  6. How did I miss this post? I am a cherry girl myself and I think I own most of the things you posted, except for the "Cherry Dress". But I have made several cherry dresses over the years. Sigh. I love them, even cherry pie. Oh yum.


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