Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sara is having a give away

If you haven't visited Sara Norris Ltd you are in for a treat. Sara does beautiful work and has some of her work featured in Sew Beautiful. Most notably on the cover of their baby issue one year.

She has recently done a red and white romper that just makes me smile! 

Sara is hosting a give away for a pre constructed smocked bonnet. All you will have to do is smock it. The non fun part is done for you. So stop by and say hello to Sara and see some of her exquisite work.


  1. thank you so much Martha!!!! Entered you in the drawing!!! Also fixed the posts for you!!!

  2. I second your comments. Sara is a gifted stitcher.

  3. sewing for a child...there is something so blessed about that :)


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