Friday, February 12, 2010

Beauty from Unexpected Source

How cool is this? Who would have thought to use a utilitarian zipper to make something so pretty? Obviously this artist.  Love it. Love the colors, love the contrast between the hard teeth of the zipper and the soft fuzziness of the wool felt. Very cool. There are some amazingly talented people in our world. 
For another dose of cute go visit Sara and see her take on pretty today. Shoot just her new blog banner made me grin like a fool.


  1. Oh my! Astoundingly beautiful!!!

  2. Wow, I'd buy that in a heartbeat....headed for her blog.

  3. wow, this is some kind of fabulous!!! hey, thanks for the shout out!!! you are too kind!!!
    oh, and stay tuned for the dress under the jacket!!!

  4. Ok, so I am totally blown away by the creativity! What an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!


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