Monday, November 23, 2009

A spring trip to the zoo

Finally a finished project to share. The little bubble is made from Daniel by Primrose Lane. Not sure who the fabric is by, I bought it from It's Sew Heavenly when I was in Lafayette LA during the summer. The plate is shown here. I bought the plate from Bessie Mary in Dallas. I get around ya'll!

It is a size 6 months, so it should be perfect for a little man's first spring trip to the zoo.

First posted by Primrose Lane

I am not sure if this designer is still selling from her site, but your favorite heirloom shop should have it. I love the look of this pattern but a few heads up.

First, I am not sure I would make it from 100% cotton again. Those little tabs are stitched down, so that makes it a challenge to iron. And this fabric needs ironing. The second hint is the yoke lining piece does not fit, so check it against your finished yoke before you cut out lining piece. Why is it when you get a collar you are happy with the stinking lining doesn't fit? Now if the collar had been jack legged that lining would have been perfect. Unfortunately the lining piece had to have the bottom serged and stitched down along the bottom of the insert. Not enclosing the bottom of the insert like I would have liked. And no I am not going to show you.


But if you like piping this is the one for you! Lots of piping. (And I can tell the side of that yoke needs the iron still.)

Off to pack for our next trip to Louisiana.


  1. This is SO precious! Everything you is perfectly sewn, smocked, designed and stitched. What inspiration! I'm going to order this darling pattern today. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful creations.
    Janice Ferguson

  2. This makes me "wish and sigh" that my little guys were babies again. I missed the opportunity to sew much for them. This is precious, Martha.

  3. So sweet, Martha. Your smocking is such perfection.

  4. Martha, this is absolutely adorable. I too have been to Bessie Mary. The store is less than four minutes from my brother's home in North Dallas. Always such a treat when I visit him.
    How about a tutorial/advice on picture smocking? How do you get the cables so plump? Do you iron the threads? Do you use four or five threads? What needle do you use? Questions, questions, and more questions.
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. I love this little zoo suit. It is adorable. The fabric is perfect even if it is a pain to iron. I do love piping!!! If I have anymore boy grands I will keep this one in mind.

  6. Thank you everyone. I enjoyed smocking it. I love the little giraffes.

  7. What a sweet outfit! Love your color choices and your smocking is fantastic!



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