Thursday, November 5, 2009

Have you been watching PR?

I am thinking that Heidi and Tim need to ramp up their game a bit this season. Perhaps next season will prove better after they have been on Lifetime a second season. This season has not been very exciting and I LOVE Project Runway.

This little number from Carol Hannah was my favorite from last week.  I HATED the winning design. Strong words I know, but yucko!!! 

We'll see what tonight's episiode brings. Better designs I hope.


  1. I LOVE Carol Hannah's designs! I think she is very marketable has great ideas. Her designs are always feminine and pretty.
    I am not loving Irina and Althea. They have stinky attitudes. I hope Carol Hannah wins.

  2. I am so with you! This season's PR has been sooo boring. I also dislike the hour - 10P is way too late! I end up falling asleep before the final 15 minutes! Lifetime doesn't repeat its programming like BRAVO and I haven't been able to see all the shows. My DH, bless his soul, stays up and keeps me updated!

  3. I am just delighted that a certain guy did NOT make it in the top 3. Irina needs an attitude adjustment.


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