Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A quick gift

As bloggers we all have a routine of blogs we follow and some that we check if not daily, almost so. Well Stop Staring and Start Sewing! is one of those for me. She posted a tutorial for an Apron in an Hour. Well in a flash of inspiration I decided to make one as a hostess gift.

Now Jona you lied to me. You told it would take an hour. I beg to differ, it took one hour and 13 minutes!!! Now faithful reader you know I am a giver, I am here to serve; so when there is misinformation I have to let you know. (You realize I am teasing, I hope. It did take an extra 13 minutes, but come one, how many gifts can you make in 1:13?)

I timed this little endeavor. Now I didn't include the time it took to preshrink it in the dryer, but from the time I sat down and made the first snip to tieing it onto the mannequin was 1:13. That is awesome if you ask me. What a great hostess gift. And for under $10, I bought enough fabric for 2 and it was $17 with tax. I used some Amy Butler fabric from her two Midwest Modern Line. All in all, a cute, quick project.


  1. What a great name for a blog..."Stop staring & start sewing"!! Too funny!
    I'll go over there to check it out just as soon as I hit "submit".
    Thanks for all your inspirations, Martha....big & small.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. darling apron!!!! I want one for me!!!!
    thanks for sharing

  3. That is such a beautiful apron. How inspiring. I may post it on my blog.

  4. Thanks for the inspiration and pattern link. I immediatly made one for a hostess gift!

  5. Rick wanted me to make one for his mom... this would fit the bill!!

  6. Your apron is darling. Jona is wonderful with design and her customer service in her fabric shop is amazing.

  7. I love being the other mother-in-law with someone as talented as you. I am so impressed with your sewing skills. My Mother, Nell Ping, and my sister, Patty Lackey, are also excellent seamstresses. Kiss Evamarie for me. Ann Denton


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