Thursday, October 8, 2009

Saga fun continued...long

Lets see if I can get this post up before the power goes off. It is storming like a son of a gun at my house. That picture above is a young friend hard at work during our intensive roll and whip adventure. Enough of that, moving on!

Thursday night is one of the big reasons I love convention. It is Design Show and Show and Share. I love the inspiration to be had. The original ideas that are showcased in the Design Show just always blow my mind. And I love to see what other stitchers have spent their time on that is shown in Show and Share. Both of the items I brought were from last year's convention classes. I am on a mission to finish things.

This year was even more of a surprise and fun, I won Viewer's Choice in Show and Share. Talk about total surprise!!!! I think it is an adorable jacket and bonnet, but certainly wouldn't have chosen it out of all the items there. So another ribbon for my "love me" wall in my sewing room. And this one is a beautiful pink color with long ribbon tails. If you are going to win a prize I want it to be a pretty one.

Friday's class was a short one, a 3 hour class called Itty Bitty Bunnies. Another word for this class is QUICK!

Because I am finished with the smocking already. Now to construct the doll dress. I am not a big doll person. I don't mind them, but it isn't usually my first choice. But this was quick and fun. My Itty Bitty Bunnies are ready to go, hopping along the bunny trail. 

If you do not have a local heirloom, smocking source in your town then Friday afternoon is for you! Market. Some people love to line up outside of market to be the first ones in, I am beyond that. No I am not too good to stand in line, it is because there is not a thing I NEED. Not a thing. I won't sew up all in my sewing room before I go to great stitch-in in the sky but I do love to go. There are vendors from all over. Pattern designers there with new patterns and samples. New fabrics to be seen, buttons, laces and ribbons galore.

Plus you get to see a little glimpse of heaven when a stitching friend lovingly shows you the scissors she bought that were a gift from her recently deceased Dad. When cleaning out his home she gathered all the change she found and it was just enough for a coveted trio set of Dovo scissors in the leather case. Her Daddy was giving her a gift she wouldn't have otherwise bought for herself. Now that will bring a tear to your eye I don't care who you are.

My meager market loot. OFB's new patterns, a length of fabric with matching entredeux, a kit, a couple of packets of lace and two patterns from a young new designer. Many who know me me be shocked to know that there are NO buttons in there. I am a sucker for Old Fashioned Baby's buttons.

Saturday's class was a notebook class with Cindy Foose. If you ever have the opportunity to take a class from Cindy, don't hesitate. You can never take too many. She is a former contributing editor for Creative Needle Magazine, (Insert a moment of silence here, we miss you CN) and an awesome teacher. It was construction techniques for a basic yoke smocked dress. I always feel like my finishing could use some tweeking. Just watching her attach piping to a smocked skirt in 30 seconds (yes you read that right.) is worth the class time. We'll see if I can recreate it on my doll dress.

And if you haven't had enough fun getting together with like minded stitchers, going to market, learning new things then hang on Saturday night is coming with the Annual Banquet. Great time. They install new officers, announce Design Show and Show and Share winners, hand out Artisan certificats and give out RAFFLE BASKETS! OMG to watch hundreds of grown woman make absolute fools of themselves it worth the price of admission. Chapters, groups, shops, teachers and individuals from across the country contribute raffle baskets. This is a huge fundraiser for SAGA every year. Thousands of dollars are raised.

Above is the Delphi Heirloom Sewing and Smocking Forum's basket for this year. For several years now, members have joined together to create a stitcher's paradise in a basket. Silk sewing companions are embroidered and assembled with some scrumptious goodies like those Dovo scissors mentioned above and many many other things to make a very coveted basket. This year's theme was "Stitcher's, Thread Your Needles!" in homage to the Indy 500 since convention was held in Indianapolis this year. The colors of red, black and white were chosen. A silk reticule, sewing hussif, needlecase, scissor hussif, tape measure cover and many more items were made. The results are stunning.

Isn't the embroidery gorgeous? 


Attendees are huddled around the tables bearing these wonderful confections, carefully placing their tickets in the boxes hoping to win. 


This is a horrible picture but you get the idea. This is a friend who was fortunate enough to win the above basket. Can you tell how excited she is?  I have pictures of my chapter's basket I will post tomorrow. It is the doll dress quilt that I have given you peeks at before.

Sunday morning was the last day of classes. I took flower smocking with Nona Pontiff. Nona was a great teacher but dang was that room cold! It was a great choice for a Sunday morning. My sample is coming along nicely. I will post a picture as soon as I get it stitched.


Have I meantioned how glad my kitty is for me to be home? He won't let me out of his sight. And yes that is a gathering thread hanging from his mouth that belongs to the bunny doll dress. Bad kitty. Its hard to stay mad when he won't stop purring.

Now that I have given you a glimpse into the fun of SAGA convention I hope you will consider joining us next year in Norfolk, VA. I am sure it will be just as fun


  1. Only you could make me want Norfolk to be next week!! What a wonderful diary of the convention. And may I add, Congrats on the lovely pink ribbon. I only ran through DS/SS, other issues involved...but you know. C'est la vie!! HUGS>>>>Karin

  2. Thanks Karin, I love going to convention.

  3. Congratulations on winning Viewer's Choice in Show and Share, Martha!! What an honor! The little pink jacket & bonnet look beautiful but I sure would like to see a close-up.

    I have my fingers crossed that I will someday make it to a SAGA convention. I actually had a room booked for this one but my room mate canceled & I didn't want to go alone. :( *sigh* Maybe next year!

    I will email you regarding raffle tickets for that beautiful doll dress quilt!

    ♥ Rettabug

  4. It was a wonderful convention...great friends, great teachers, and great drinks! Now to begin sewing and use some of what I learned.

  5. Young friend? You've made my wait.....make that my year! Great class, great convention, great city!

  6. Thanks for sharing the convention with us. I hope to go someday too.



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