Wednesday, October 7, 2009

SAGA Convention, the story continues

Ahhh the fun continued. Wednesday and Thursday. I did not take any pre day classes this year at SAGA convention. So the first day of classes for me was Wednesday. For those that don't know or haven't been, at SAGA convention, there are classes each day. Wed., Thur. and Sat. These are 6 hour classes with a long break mid day for luncheon. On Fri. and Sun. are three hour classes. My absolute favorite are two day classes that span both Wed. and Thur. LOVE IT. You don't have to pack up your belongings, you feel like you are able to pace yourself at a more leisurely pace but at the same time also accomplish something. On the flip side of the coin, I am a project person. Not a real fan of classes that involve doing "samples." Just my preference. So my process of class selection is, what is offered as the two day classes and then what are the projects?


I am not letting out any secrets when I say I GRUMBLED about this particular class. It was a French Handsewn Daygown with Jeannie Baumeister of The Old Fashioned Baby. French handsewing involves rolling and whipping the cut edges, roll, whip and gathering, hand stitching the French seam, inserting the entredeux by hand. Did you get all that "by hand" business? Now I LOVE hand embroidery, love it. But I had warned Jeannie in several emails about the amount of grousing she could expect out of me about this rolling and whipping nonsense. I have rolled and whipped in the past but have not been happy with my results. I will admit that this time I was happier. So perseverance does pay off. And a TINY needle. I got an "award" for the most improved attitude.

I can't wait to finish it so I can wash it. Not sure why it looks as discolored as it does. The thread wax does discolor it some but not as much as this picture appears.

This is what I am attempting to achieve. This was Jeannie's sample gown. I have my yoke roll and whipped, and the entredeux 75% attached. Then to inset it into the gown front. We'll see how I make out with it.

Another technique that will be used on the gown is a gathering technique called snail shirring. It is relatively quick and very simple to do. This was just my quick sample on a scrap. It is fun.

One of the wonderful things about attending something like this is the inspiration that you get from the other stitchers as well as the teachers. Jeannie has a wonderful gown "in progress" from back in the 30's. I promised I wouldn't post any of those pictures of that gown. Jeannie wants to adapt a design from it. So out of respect for her I won't do that. But the above pic is just a teeny peek at the edge of an eyelet that was on another piece by the same embroideress of the 30's. That is a handmade eyelet! Isn't it amazing?

She did say I could post a picture of the bag! LOL

At almost all of the meals during convention are little table favors. Now we already know what a sucker I am for table favors. So at lunch on Wednesday was a tissue case trimmed with pearls and a skein of floss. Considering how stinking cold that building was the tissues came in handy.

Wednesday night we went out to dinner and I discovered my new favorite cocktail. I have been a Grey Goose Cosmo gal for years, but that all changed in the blink of an eye as soon as I had this delectable little treat. A watermelon martini!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH! I have said a hundred times it was like drinking a melted watermelon Jolly Rancher.  It may be said that I probably embarassed myself licking the edge of the glass to get every bit of heavenly goodness. We ended the night, laughing, cutting up, stitching and staying up way too late.

I'll be back tomorrow with the next installment of how to have more fun than the law should allow.


  1. Hi Martha, If you had not warned me in prior e-mails, I would not have been watching you out of the corner of my eye for the "grumblings" I was anticipating! Just for the class did not grumble at all (in my hearing) and were merrily rolling (ha-ha) along when I looked your way. Also, your roll & whip is quite good now so it will be very good by the time you complete your gown. I can't wait to see that post!!

  2. LOL, thanks Jeannie, I was able to work on it in the car this weekend. Both of my sleeves are attached to the entredeux and the ruffle is almost half rolled and whipped. I am not coordinated enough to do the lace at the same time as the roll and whip. But it is turning out quite even, so I am happy with it.


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