Monday, October 12, 2009

Rolling, whipping and a wedding

I am not leaving to go anywhere for a while now. I hope. Quick trip out of town for the wedding of my son's best friend. It was like watching one of my own, (I admit to being a bit misty eyed) they have been best buddies since they were sophomores in high school. Fun, but tiring. The above is not the best picture, but my two youngest kids are sure having a good time. They could take their show on the road I think.

And as always I stitch in the car. I think I get more stitching done there than anywhere else. And since it was a get out the door quick, the closest thing at hand was my bag of convention projects. So I worked on this gown from my class with Jeannie Baumeister. I talked about the class in this post.

My rolling and whipping doesn't look too bad. The is the bottom of the ruffle. It is quite even and straight if I say so myself. I have used Madeira Tanne 80 weight thread and a 12 between needle. In other words a TINY needle. But I prefer that. 


 The sleeve is only gathered the tiniest bit and then attached to the beading that will have ribbon run through it to gather it a bit more.

From the front you can see a few stitches showing but not many. I really had good luck pinning it to my lace shaping board next to one another and stitching it together that way. When I attach the lace to the ruffle I will try to remember to take a picture of it.

Later faithful reader, what are you stitching on? I may have to put this aside to whip out another baby gift.


  1. Martha, Your roll and whip is beautiful! I can't believe you did that in the car. I couldn't!

  2. Thanks Jeannie, I seem to ride in the car a lot with kids living hither and yon; so I get a lot of practice.

  3. Martha, Your roll and whip is beautiful! What fabric are you using?

  4. Thank you Jenny, the fabric is Swiss Nelona.

  5. Do not tell me you cannot do that again....

  6. Thanks Robin, of course I can hear the dripping sarcasm in your voice. As I was telling Jeannie, the things I did differently this time, used that teeny tiny needle and I had never marked the 1/4" seam allowance before. That has made a huge difference for me.

  7. It looks perfect! My handwork is almost non-existent because of arthritis in my hands. Swiss Nelona is wonderful to work with & one of my favorites. 16 yrs ago, it was my favorite to do shadow embroidery on.
    I can't believe you can do such tiny stitches in the car.


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