Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thar He Blows!

Is he cute or what? He is on the front of a work in progress for yet another baby gift for one of my daughters to give. Geez, they need to sew! Though I admit he was quick and fun to do. He is on the front of a diaper shirt from Old Fashioned Baby; Baby's Summer Clothes pattern

Isn't it amazing when you are expecting trouble or have encountered a glitch you put off working on something? I was worried about the collar, we already know I have issues with collars, so I procrastinated putting it together. Amazingly it didn't do too bad. All I lack is one sleeve and then buttons on both the romper and shirt. One of the neat things about this pattern, on the left front shirt piece Jeannie has printed on the pattern, "embroider here." I need clear instruction like that. Takes out the guess work. Thank you Jeannie. My whale "Wally" came form Jeannie's book Heirloom Embroidery:

I modified him a little bit and he kind of looks like he has been playing a little rough in the surf, he is wobbly in a couple of places. It has been said many times, that your shadow work is only as good as your tracing. Well tracing on this lined pique was a teeny bit more challenging than on a batiste and I will admit I wasn't as careful as I could have been so he is kind of lumpy in spots. But I am okay with it. And more feather stitching. My stitch to master at the moment. Still not perfect but I am not taking it out.

So hopefully tomorrow there will be pictures of the completed outfit.


  1. Where are any imperfections in that feather stitching? I don't see any!! The whale is so cute!!

  2. He is darling! One of the things on my to do list is to try some shadow work. Thanks for the inspiration.


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